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HOME OFFICE MAKEOVER : How To Maximize a Small Office Space

    We decided to DIY our home office makeover. Maximizing a small office space is quite difficult if you are do not know anything about designing and engineering. But with the help of these suppliers, we were able to pull it off.

    Check out my latest vlog below.


My Dream To Become A Disney Princess Finally Came True

Every little girl dreams of becoming a Disney Princess. I just made my dream a reality by doing this song cover from the Disney animation Little Mermaid.  

I learned a new skill while doing this cover. First, I learned how to do audio mixing and editing. It was indeed a challenge since I am only using my mobile phone.

Second, I learned the use of the green screen in video editing. Using this effect, it felt like I am really the voice behind Princess Ariel.

Please take the time to listen, and I hope you enjoy watching it.

Affordable Hotel Accommodations in Japan

This video was taken last January 2020 before the pandemic. I am looking forward going back to travelling soon.

My 2020 Winter Wonderland Trip in Japan

1 Country, 2 Regions, 9 Prefectures, 8 Days

Our 2020 Winter Wonderland Trip to Japan is one for the books. It's my first winter, and my hard core D-I-Y Trip. 

Buhay tren ba ! It was exhilarating yet tiring !

I am sharing with you our itinerary plus our expenses. I am proud that we spent only this much considering the number of days that we stayed in Japan plus the number of prefectures we visited.

Day 1 (Osaka)
Arrival at Kansai Airport
Shop / Groceries at Don Quijote Osaka

Day 2 (Nagoya / Osaka)
Toyota Kaikan Museum
Toyota Factory Tour
Osaka Station Malls

Day 3 (Kanazawa / Kobe)
Bought Tickets to Kanazawa for a later date (fully booked buses bound to Shirakawago on this date)
China Town, Kobe

Day 4 (Biwako Valley / Kyoto / Kanazawa)
Biwako Valley Ski Resort
Gion, Kyoto
Overnight Stay at a Kanazawa Hotel 

Day 5 (Shirakawa)
Shirakawa-go UNESCO Heritage Village

Day 6 (Fukuoka)
Hello Kitty Train bound for Fukuoka (Kodama Service Shinkansen)
Canal City

Day 7 (Nagasaki)
Nagasaki Ground Zero
Nagasaki Peace Memorial Museum
Huis Ten Bosch

Day 8 (Hakata)
Explore Hakata
Fukuoka - Manila

EXPENSES (in Peso)

Tickets (CenPac)        3,800.00
Visa (Discounted at JTB Travel Fair)            950.00
Travel Tax        1,620.00
Extra Baggage 20/20        1,200.00
JR Pass with free SIM via Klook     14,029.00
Hotel Mikado South Namba (5N)        1,800.00
Kanazawa Hotel + Tourist Tax (1N)        1,750.00
Residence Hakata 14 (2N)        2,800.00

Bus Tickets to Aichi Loop RT                                  423.00
Bus Tickets to Shirakawago RT                           1,786.00
Train Tickets to Hotel outside JR Pass                   216.00

Nagasaki Museum                                                    94.00
Huis Ten Bosch                                                    2,350.00
Kyoto Loop Bus                                                       217.00
Bus To Biwako Valley                                              160.00
Ropeway/Entrance to Biwako Valley                         1,410

Total      34,605

+ Food        7,000  (711, Family Mart, Yoshinoya, Ippudo, Baon)

I did not include na pasalubongs and souvenirs, because that varies from one person to another.

My First Winter : Biwako Valley Ski Resort

Welcome to the most popular ski slope in Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe and thanks to its superb view.

Biwako Valley is located in Otsu City in Shiga Prefecture by the western shores - and affording fine view of Lake Biwa.  At just 40 km or so from Central Kyoto, it is the nearest ski hill from the city.

The Biwako Valley Ski Resort has been operating since 1965.  The Ropeway and attractions are popular for sightseeing throughout the year.

The fast ropeway takes people from the base car park to the slopes.

How To Get There :

1. From Kyoto Station, take the Biwako Line to Shiga Station
2. From Shiga Station take the Shuttle Bus to the entrance of Biwako Valley Ski Resort
    (Shuttle Bus Fare : 340 yen / 10 minutes ride)