Birth Pains

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Blogging in.

My personal blog site for more than 3 years is now on permanent vacation since 2012. In an attempt to go back to blogging, I decided to go back using as platform . And just like any mom who is about to give birth, I am experiencing birth pains. I hope to get used with its environment really fast because I still have so much stories to tell and photos to share about Celebrating Life at its finest.

This will also be the home of my "Party  Diary". I will try to re-post all my previous entries here, of course with the help of my mentors from, and Ateneo. I need all the technical help I can get from them because this baby is about to come out in few weeks. And oh! No HTML please!

New year, new beginnings. 

Today also marks my first day and my first time to attend an online class on Certified Blogging and Social Media Entrepreneurship Program in cooperation with Ateneo de Manila, E-Learning Edge and the mother of Philippine e-commerce Ms. Janet Toral. I only learn from the best :-)

Looking forward.

There is so much to look forward on this blog. It has only been Day 1 and a lot of things going on in my mind now. This personal blog (which is a project by the way) will eventually morph into something else by Week 15. I can't wait on its metamorphosis.

Thank you for reading this far and continue to follow me as I journey to eventful years ahead. Let us continue to celebrate life. 

Give. Celebrate. Enjoy!