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Celebrating Chinese New Year : The Year of the Wooden Horse

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I don't usually believe in "Mga Kasabihan ng Pinoy" but in terms of Zodiac signs, Star symbols, and  Chinese horoscopes, I make it a point to read horoscopes on what the new year offers for the Tiger - Scorpion in me.

Just like celebrating the New Year's Eve on the 31st of December, we usually stayed at night and wait for the clock to strike midnight and celebrate with our Chinese friends. We do not have a Chinese blood but we are one on them on this event, the Filipino way.

So for a family to be bound with love  and be prosperous for the entire year, they must share and eat something sticky like "tikoy". The traditional tikoy is round with an auspicious decoration such as the character for prosperity on its top. The character is often written in the traditional Chinese script.

But we have taken it with a Pinoy twist, we had "biko" instead.

Biko is a type of sticky rice cake popular in the Philippines.
It is believed that eating sticky foods during the new year brings luck and prosperity.

2014 : The Year of the Wooden Horse
Rocking Horse from Wooden KidiKraft
What type of people are born on the year of the horse?
Those born within these years are recognised as energetic, bright and intelligent. In general, it is suggested  that they are cheerful, popular, talented and enjoy entertaining. They are associated with success and cannot stand failure.
The Tiger in me.
For my husband and I who were both born under the year of the metal tiger, we are really excited for the luck it will bring this year. 
"Tiger is carnivorous animal, but horse can share a land with Tiger. According to horoscopes, Tiger and Horse have attraction relationship because of Fire. Wood helps Fire to burn. Wood is the mother Element of Fire, therefore elements won't fire each other. Therefore, Tiger and Horse can get along together.
However, Tiger people still need to pay attention on any ghost behind them. It is possible that a villain plans to pull your legs because of jealousness. In short, Tiger people shouldn't get dizzy with success, otherwise, good luck might become a misfortune."
I will take note of that.
For people born in Tiger years: 1902, 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998.  Click here to know more about what is in store for us in terms of Money, Career and Love.
 Give. Celebrate. Enjoy.