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My Party Diary : Janelle's Be a Recording Star Birthday Party

When Janelle turned 9 years old last December 2012, it was a little emotional for me. She was about to enter the world of tweeners. A tweener is a child between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 9 and 12 years old. And during this phase, friends play a major role in the development of your child.

So we decided to throw a small party wherein she and her friends will experience a new activity for the first time together. And that's how we came about the theme "Be a Recording Star Birthday Party".

Yes I admit it! I love to sing and I've always wanted to become a singer. And somehow, I have influenced my kids to be like a "mini-me". :-)

Date                  : December 15, 2012
Venue               : Studio Z Recording Studio
Photographer   : K Snaps

Setup                : Mommy JLo and Ninang Mimi


A D-I-Y project for me, made with love using Photoshop and printed in a nearby photo developing center. The invite came with a free microphone which I bought from CD-R King for only less than 50 pesos. The microphone symbolizes music, recording and fun. Also attached in the invitation is the Program of Activities. It will be first time for them, so I made it sure that the parents would be aware on what would happen during the activity.

Program of Activities prepared by Mommy JLo
Final coaching from Daddy Mark. It feels great to have a real musician in the family.
Daddy Mark plays the Vocal Coach while Mommy JLo as the Choreographer.
Truly a D-I-Y event.
VENUE - Studio Z Audio Productions and Recording Studios / 8th Notes Studios
We held the recording session at Studio Z Audio Productions and Recording Studios owned by Mr. Paulo Zarate. The owner is a former classmate of Daddy Mark from the UST Conservatory of Music. He is also a well known record producer and  arranger. 

Five of Janelle's friends together with her sister Jewel recorded two songs,  "One Thing" by One Directions and "Love Story" by Taylor Swift.
The Recording Artists
I love this shot from KSnaps :-)
FOOD  - Greenwich Delivery
While the sound engineer mixes their tracks, we proceeded to 8th Notes Studios which is just beside Studio Z for the snacks. We had the Greenwich Barkada Meal which includes spaghetti, chicken and pizza. We made sure we had enough drinking water because the the two hour recording session was really that tiring.

The table set up was also a D-I-Y by me and my dear friend Mimi. I borrowed a zebra print   table cloth from Ms. Jacque of Partyboosters to complement our theme.

Letter standees on the table and stage area was designed by Wooden KidiKraft.

PRESENTATION - Janelle and the Marian Belles
The girls presented a dance number using their track already. K Snaps, our official photographer and videographer prepared the Music Video.

At first I just wanted to hire a photographer since it will just be a small party. But what is a recording party without a music video?
Your child can also be a recording artist on his/her birthday. So, if you want to have this kind of party for your child, please email me at 

PhotoSlide Show here

Janelle's Solo on Track (0:16 - 0:30 and 2:44 - 3:01)
Watch the Music Video here

More photos from my Facebook Account here


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Four (4) Reasons Why You Should Go on a Family Vacation instead of Throwing BIG Parties

Celebrating birthdays can be done in various ways and we have various reasons on how we would like to celebrate it.  Admittedly, sometimes it is not about the baby turning a year old, but about us parents surviving the first year. Let us celebrate a year of parenthood.

For others, it is about giving thanks and would just like to share their happiness and blessings with friends and families. Oh I would love to share my blessings to others too!

But for some who would love to throw parties ever year, you may consider going on a family vacation and create special memories together.

Here are four (4) reasons why you should go on a family vacation :

1. Vacation means spending time with your family. Weekend at home sometimes may not be enough to catch up on things, especially if we need to go to work even on weekends. The Disney Time Survey revealed that almost one in two parents feel that out of all the time they spend with their children, only half of it, at most could be classified as quality time. However, while on vacation, parents report that 82% of time would fall in the quality time category.

FamiliaGanaLakwatsera cruising the Loboc River.
Ate Janelle's 2nd favorite activity during our vacation.

2. Taking vacation allows you and your family to relax. We face a lot of stress on a day to day basis. Children have a lot of homework, exams and projects and we parents work long hours to provide for our families. The vacation will definitely put the daily routine aside for a little while and allow us to relax.

Learning our history through travelling at The Blood Compact Shrine.

3.  Taking a family vacation will create  memories. Create a photo album or view your clips during your vacation and relieve the wonderful memories once again. Memories will last a lifetime.

My girls learned what  "extinction" means. 

4.  Vacations can be a Great Educational Experience for Kids. Experience new things together because children will surely learned a lot from your vacation. These are the learning that were not thought in schools.

Big revelation - My kids were not afraid of snakes, it was Daddy Mark who's SO AFRAID! :-)

I should know, because this is how we celebrated Jewel's 7th Birthday last 20 to 23 February 2014 at Panglao Island, Bohol. 

Our family loves Panglao Island Nature Resort. We will come back soon!

Snorkeling at Panglao Island Marine Sanctuary. Ate Janelle's Best Day Ever!

More photos here from my Facebook Account.



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Jewel's Pre-Birthday Shoot : Tips and Tricks to Children Photography

Allow me to be nostalgic this time. I still remember when I was still TTC (trying to conceive), those days when I  prayed hard everyday that God would grant us even with just one child and we will be fine. 

But the Lord said, I will not just give you one, I will give you two.

And there came my youngest, Jewel, the precious one!

Exactly seven years ago when I gave birth to my youngest. I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to raise these two adorable girls. 

And now that she's seven years old, I want to capture her innocence through photography.  

And this is not an easy task, in fact taking photos of children is one of the toughest, especially if the child is as playful as our Jewel.

According to our photographer, Mr. Edwin Mirabete, taking photos of  children is more challenging because they move fast, they easily get bored and they don't take modelling instructions. 

So what can we do now to take better pictures of children?

Here are some tips if you are planning to take photos of children yourself according to Udi Tirosh of DY Photography

1. Make it a Game
Try and play with the kid while you are taking the shots. You have two choices here : find something they will keep focused for some time or try and play with them.

2. Make them Laugh
Kids look best when they are happy. Making faces, telling jokes. Another option is to do some easy magic tricks, kids love them and they break the ice instantly.

3. Go with their Mood
Be patient. Be patient. Oh baby, be patient. Kids have moods, sometimes their happy, sometimes sad, sometimes playful and sometimes they want to cry.

4. Get some Assistance.
If the kid is acting wild and restless, a kind word from mommy can help. Mommy can also be in the picture. I remember Jewel asked me "Mommy, bakit ba kailangan nating gawin eto?"

If you have more tips on how to take photos of children, post them here as comments.
 I would love to hear from you.

 Photography :
Chriz Carpo Fotografia 

Edwin Mirabete
035 Katuparan St., Brgy Commonwealth, Quezon City

Props & Styling  
Mommy JLo of  KidiKraft
 #10 Road 2, Bagong Pag-asa, Quezon City


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Proud Belly Moments : Tips and Advice on How to Prepare for a Maternity Photo Shoot

Almost seven years ago, I gave birth to my youngest daughter Jewel. And during those times that I carried her for 9 months, I felt that I am the sexiest girl alive. (most especially on my 3rd trimester)

If you are as daring as me :-), I dare you to have your maternity photos done. The photos will be a great keepsake of such memorable event. It will also help relieve the stress and anxieties that many pregnant women face.

So once you are ready to show off your belly and  have those stunning images of your pregnancy,  here are some tips and advice on how to prepare for your maternity photo shoot.

1. Choose a reputable and trustworthy photographer
Bear in mind that you will take off your clothes in this maternity shoot. It is better to be safe than sorry. Work with photographers whom you trust and you feel at ease working with.
What could be happier than getting Happiness the second time around?
 2. Schedule When you're on your 7 to 8 months pregnant  (32 to 36 weeks)
Maternity photographers usually advise clients to schedule their photo shoot between the 32nd and  36th weeks of pregnancy. This is the time when your belly is in its full shape and  also the best time to show your 'Linea Nigra" (latin for "black line"), which is the dark vertical line that appears on the abdomen during the pregnancy.

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes / Undergarments
Prepare 2 sets of comfortable and fitted clothes. I suggest to prepare black and white attire, you can never go wrong with these colors and you can mix and match as well. And oh, undergarments matters too! You don't want to feel uneasy during the photo shoot, so wear comfy undies. 

4. Moisturize your Skin
It is alright even if you have stretch marks. Not all women are gifted with stretch marks free belly like me (naks!). Just put on lotion an hour before your session to avoid shiny belly and/or staining your clothes. This is will minimize redness and dry skin. Don't forget to moisturize your knees and elbows as well.

4. Say to yourself, " I am Sexy and Beautiful!"
You need to prepare yourself before you face the camera. Believe in yourself that you are sexy and beautiful so that the photos will come out natural. And to have this amount of confidence that you need, say "I am Sexy and Beautiful!"

Be daring! Be Bold! Bare it All!
Not all expecting moms are ready to have this kind of nude maternity photography. This is not for everyone because you need to have a lot of confidence to do this. But once you are decided, please keep in mind this mantra, Be daring! Be bold! Bare it all!

Photography by : Carla Berroya - Foster


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My Party Diary : Maxene's Sweet as a Cupcake Themed Party

As a mother with  two girls, a party with an all pink and all girly theme will make me scream "OMG its so cuuutteeee!" 

Take for example this cupcake themed party prepared by Mommy Germaine for her little cupcake Maxene. Perhaps Mommy Germaine is also obsessed with cupcakes like I do. Now, I am starting to ask myself, what is it with cupcakes? 

So celebrate your little girl's first birthday in the sweetest way possible. Be inspired with this "Sweet as a Cupcake Themed Party".

Date                  : October 6, 2013
Venue               : Lili Restaurant, Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino
Photographer   : K Snaps
Cake                 : Sugarbox
Event Stylist     : Dreamscapes by Jac
Souvenirs         : KidiKraft (formerly Wooden Kiddie Stools & a Lot More!)
Isn't it adorable? Cupcake themed stools with strawberry on top.

Beautiful set-up by Dreamscapes.

Guests were excited to see what's on the Menu.

This cake tastes good as it looks. I'm a fan of Ms. Emily of Sugarbox.

Be inspired and be featured in our My Party Diary. Email us at


Wooden Kiddie

Wooden KidiKraft's LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE Valentine's Promo Winner

KidiKraft's recently launched the Like, Comment & Share Valentine's Promo as our way of saying "Happy Valentine's Day" to all our fellow KidiKrafters last 09 February 2014. 

"We are overwhelmed with the result of the promotions and I would like to thank all KidiKrafters out there. With more than 3,000 shares, 1000 likes, 1000 comments and almost 25,000 photo views, expect more contests and big prizes soon."

Prize at Stake
3 pcs Hello Kitty Jewelry Box from

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Winners! 
Please post your comments here or email me at


Again, thank you KidiKrafters!

- JLofied



Today is "Araw ng Pag-IBIG"

Happy Heart's Day! Any plans for tonight?

My husband and I have not been celebrating Valentine's Day in the past 3 years for a simple reason : I was always working.

For 3 years straight, I had been a part of the "I Do. I Do!, Araw ng Pag-IBIG"  as a  "wedding singer" . Being a member of The Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale allows me to share my talents  to others through my music.

The Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale
serenaded the newly weds with heartwarming love songs
Photo Credit. Rovie of HDMF - Imus Branch

Aside from being a singer, I also wore my "bloggers hat" that day. I asked our Public Relations Department for a copy of the Press Kit so that I can write an article about it.

And here is what the "I Do. I Do! Araw ng Pag-IBIG" is all about.

More than 4,300 pairs of couple-participants exchanged their vows today amidst the splendor of popular tourists destinations, including Intramuros in Manila, Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte, Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, Banaue Viewpoint in Ifugao, Cagsawa Ruins in Albay, Fort San Pedro in Cebu, People's Park in Davao, among others.

1,952 people said I Do. I Do! in the historic Intramuros, Manila
Photo Credit : Dino Lara 
HDMF or Pag-IBIG Fund, got its acronym from the Filipino word for "Love". Pag-IBIG stands for Pagtutulungan sa Kinabukasan : Ikaw, Bangko, Industriya at Gobyerno.

Pag-IBIG started "I Do. I Do! Araw ng Pag-IBIG" in 2012. Since then, the event has been successful in generating positive interest in Pag-IBIG, particulary its benefits among potential and current members expected to witness event on-site and through various media. Since it is held in coordination with various LGUs, it further strengthens Pag-IBIGs linkage and cooperation with partner LGUs all over the country.

Watch the Video here courtesy of GMA News Online.

This couple sponsored by the HDMF-Kamias Branch expressed their gratitude
to Pag-IBIG Fund. Their son will finally have the rights of a legitimate child.
It is an honor for me to have worked with the following celebrity wedding suppliers during the event : 

Chinkee Uy Agregado of 


Dino Lara
Dino Lara Photography

- JLofied



Say I Do. I Do. on Valentine's Day

Getting married on Valentine's Day? Sounds like a good idea.

With only 5 days to go before Valentine's day, my office (Pag-IBIG Fund) has been preparing for this big event of the year. The “Libreng Kasal, I Do. I Do. Araw ng Pag-IBIG” project  is open to all Pag-IBIG Fund members and potential members who have been living in for five years above, provided they are at least 23 years old.

Aside from the free wedding rite and the free foods and weddings cakes for the reception, the newly-weds will also be given the chance to win minor and major prizes and will be treated with a lot of entertainment and other surprises.

But wait, before you you go down on your knees and ask your partner to be a part of this Kasalang Bayan, here are some information that you should know.

What is a mass wedding?
A collective wedding or mass wedding is a marriage ceremony in which several couples are married at the same time.

Why mass civil weddings are common phenomenon in the Philippines?
In the Philippines, mass civil weddings are common phenomenon, and are often sponsored by government and charitable groups as a form of public service and social responsibility. Local politicians and sometimes celebrities participate as common wedding sponsors at such mass rites, which enable couples to benefit from formal state recognition of their unions.

Financial Considerations
Mass weddings are sometimes preferred for economic and social reasons, such as the costs for the venue, officiants, decorations, and sometimes celebrations afterwards can be shared between multiple familes.

What are the requirements for a Civil Wedding?
Requirements for a Civil Wedding depends on Cities or Municipalities. For Marriage Licenses and Registration of Marriage, here are the list of complete requirements from the Civil Registry of the Local Government of Quezon City

For Marriage Licenses
  • Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants.
  • If widowed, death certificate of demise spouse
  • If previous marriage was annulled, copy of Court Decision and absolute Decree of Finality from the Court
  • Community Tax Certificates of both applicants, male and female
  • One ID Photo (colored or black and white) of each applicant, male and female
  • Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counselling*
          *There is no age limit for Family Planning, however couples 24 years and below need to attend Family Planning Sessions and Marriage counseling. These sessions are scheduled for one-half day within the premises of the City Hall.

Marriageable Age 

18 years old (male or female)

Persons below 21 years old need parental consent

Persons 21 years and below 25 years old need advice from parents

Registration Fees
Application Form                                  P50
Filing Fee                                               P100
Marriage License Fee                           P100
Registration of Marriage Certificate     P70

Issuance of Marriage License should be released after 10 days posting after the Marriage Application was filed. License expires 120 days from the date license was issued.

Mark and JLo Nuptials  (November 2001)
So if you are considering to join the Kasalang Bayan next year, please call the Pag-IBIG Fund Call Center at 724-4244 or email Love! Love! Love!

Source             : Wikepedia
Photo Credit   : Pag-IBIG Fund Website


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My Party Diary : Jewel's 1st Birthday Tea Party

Date              : February 23, 2008
Theme           : Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party
Color / Motif  : Candy color

Inspired from a fellow member n@wie Jhoanne's European Tea Party for her daughter, I decided to  have the same one also but incorporating Strawberry Shortcake as the main character. I just so love the theme so much, it is very girl and perfect for our precious Jewel.


Villa Señor Resort -  Lucban, Quezon /  Linda Villaseñor 0917-5608025                                                                                              

To have an out of town event is really a challenge for us. The initial plan for the venue was the front yard (fountain area)  hubby's grandmother's vacation house in Lucban, but it has  been raining for the past 3 days that is why  we decided to move it at Villa Señor Resort which is just beside the house. Villa Señor Resort is owned by another grandmother of hubby. We checked in and rented their Building #2 to accommodate more than 50 guests who came from Manila, Laguna and Pampanga but end up having the entire resort just for our event. Now that is what you call super discounts :-) 

Flower Pinwheel / Divisoria Mall 

I bought this flower pinwheel from Divisoria, it is the printshop beside Kyle's Partyshop located at Divisoria Mall. I was just so happy to see Jewel's invitation  displayed in the shop when I visited the shop  after 2 weeks. It was the  perfect alternative for printed invitations.


Bot and Mimi  Tana / 0917-5457148 / 

I was so blessed to have friends who are super talented. This video invitation was entirely shot in Japanese Garden, Lake Caliraya, Cavinti, Laguna. The photos used in the invitations and tarpaulin were all taken by them. Check out the video invitation here


Koffeeklatch / / Lala Valde 0917-560075

Another Quezon based supplier who is one of the high end caterer there. I was really impressed with their set-up and  how I love Ms. Lala, she is very easy to talk to. I got their 215 per head package (Spaghetti, fried chicken, beef casserole, pork hardinera, fish fillet in mayo garlic, mixed veggies with quail eggs). They do not have a set menu package because they prefer for the client to "create their own menu". The price all depends on your budget and preference.

Koffeeklatch gave me a lot of upgrades and freebies such : upgrade to 24 pcs tiffany chairs, drapes, breadsticks (I love the breadsticks), mallows for the chocolate fountain, extra cups and saucers for the coffee and tea bar, etc.

Koffeeklatch / / Lala Valde 0917-560075

Famous for their broas, Koffeeklatch used to be a bakeshop  before they ventured into catering and restaurant business, that is why  I know that I am in good hands if your'e talking about cakes and pastries. 

To complement my tea party theme,  I decided to have a pastry / desert bar. I was overwhelmed with how the pastry bar turned out, it was a pastry bar galore ( 4 pcs petite cakes, brownies galore, mini muffins, caramel bars). It was a lot! One of my favorites are the chocolate caramel cake and the mango cake. Two thumbs up!

Miles Royales of Wave Events  0926-5824853

She is a Lucena based Events planner which I met  via the internet. She is not really into hosting kiddie parties, but she delivered well despite of her pregnancy. She event provided me an event assistant who handles the giving of prizes and loots.

Erwin Chonchada's Digital Photography 042-5403588

A Lucban based Photographer. I am quite satisfied with his work although I know there were a lot of Manila based photographer with the same rate who can do a lot better.  But I guess in the area, I might consider him as one of the best because he is already offering digital packages.


Choclittalk by Rico del Rosario 02-7443223 /  0910-9106243

I wanted an edible centerpiece this time for the kids and when I learned that Kuya Rico (a former schoolmate) is into this kind of business, I became a regular client. 


Chris Lopez / Noel Regaya and the Gang / 09173968719

No need to explain, sibling love.

D-I-Y by JLo

Again, no explanations needed. I enrolled in basic balloon arrangement seminar from Nego Skwela  ( just to proceed with the plan of doing the balloon arrangements myself. Not bad for a first timer.

D-I-Y by JLo and MIL

Guests were given necklaces and hats of their choice upon entering the venue. It goes well with the theme and how I love how my MIL did all of these for love.This project is is six (6) months in the making.


D-I-Y by JLo

Another D-I-Y project by Mommy JLo. yipeee!


How I love these standees. Plain and simple but rocks! This is the birth of Wooden KidiKraft


Divisorial Mall, Divilandia

Disclaimer : JLofied is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the contact information of the suppliers. This party diary was published in February 2008.