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My Party Diary : Jewel's 1st Birthday Tea Party

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Date              : February 23, 2008
Theme           : Strawberry Shortcake Tea Party
Color / Motif  : Candy color

Inspired from a fellow member n@wie Jhoanne's European Tea Party for her daughter, I decided to  have the same one also but incorporating Strawberry Shortcake as the main character. I just so love the theme so much, it is very girl and perfect for our precious Jewel.


Villa Señor Resort -  Lucban, Quezon /  Linda Villaseñor 0917-5608025                                                                                              

To have an out of town event is really a challenge for us. The initial plan for the venue was the front yard (fountain area)  hubby's grandmother's vacation house in Lucban, but it has  been raining for the past 3 days that is why  we decided to move it at Villa Señor Resort which is just beside the house. Villa Señor Resort is owned by another grandmother of hubby. We checked in and rented their Building #2 to accommodate more than 50 guests who came from Manila, Laguna and Pampanga but end up having the entire resort just for our event. Now that is what you call super discounts :-) 

Flower Pinwheel / Divisoria Mall 

I bought this flower pinwheel from Divisoria, it is the printshop beside Kyle's Partyshop located at Divisoria Mall. I was just so happy to see Jewel's invitation  displayed in the shop when I visited the shop  after 2 weeks. It was the  perfect alternative for printed invitations.


Bot and Mimi  Tana / 0917-5457148 / 

I was so blessed to have friends who are super talented. This video invitation was entirely shot in Japanese Garden, Lake Caliraya, Cavinti, Laguna. The photos used in the invitations and tarpaulin were all taken by them. Check out the video invitation here


Koffeeklatch / / Lala Valde 0917-560075

Another Quezon based supplier who is one of the high end caterer there. I was really impressed with their set-up and  how I love Ms. Lala, she is very easy to talk to. I got their 215 per head package (Spaghetti, fried chicken, beef casserole, pork hardinera, fish fillet in mayo garlic, mixed veggies with quail eggs). They do not have a set menu package because they prefer for the client to "create their own menu". The price all depends on your budget and preference.

Koffeeklatch gave me a lot of upgrades and freebies such : upgrade to 24 pcs tiffany chairs, drapes, breadsticks (I love the breadsticks), mallows for the chocolate fountain, extra cups and saucers for the coffee and tea bar, etc.

Koffeeklatch / / Lala Valde 0917-560075

Famous for their broas, Koffeeklatch used to be a bakeshop  before they ventured into catering and restaurant business, that is why  I know that I am in good hands if your'e talking about cakes and pastries. 

To complement my tea party theme,  I decided to have a pastry / desert bar. I was overwhelmed with how the pastry bar turned out, it was a pastry bar galore ( 4 pcs petite cakes, brownies galore, mini muffins, caramel bars). It was a lot! One of my favorites are the chocolate caramel cake and the mango cake. Two thumbs up!

Miles Royales of Wave Events  0926-5824853

She is a Lucena based Events planner which I met  via the internet. She is not really into hosting kiddie parties, but she delivered well despite of her pregnancy. She event provided me an event assistant who handles the giving of prizes and loots.

Erwin Chonchada's Digital Photography 042-5403588

A Lucban based Photographer. I am quite satisfied with his work although I know there were a lot of Manila based photographer with the same rate who can do a lot better.  But I guess in the area, I might consider him as one of the best because he is already offering digital packages.


Choclittalk by Rico del Rosario 02-7443223 /  0910-9106243

I wanted an edible centerpiece this time for the kids and when I learned that Kuya Rico (a former schoolmate) is into this kind of business, I became a regular client. 


Chris Lopez / Noel Regaya and the Gang / 09173968719

No need to explain, sibling love.

D-I-Y by JLo

Again, no explanations needed. I enrolled in basic balloon arrangement seminar from Nego Skwela  ( just to proceed with the plan of doing the balloon arrangements myself. Not bad for a first timer.

D-I-Y by JLo and MIL

Guests were given necklaces and hats of their choice upon entering the venue. It goes well with the theme and how I love how my MIL did all of these for love.This project is is six (6) months in the making.


D-I-Y by JLo

Another D-I-Y project by Mommy JLo. yipeee!


How I love these standees. Plain and simple but rocks! This is the birth of Wooden KidiKraft


Divisorial Mall, Divilandia

Disclaimer : JLofied is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the contact information of the suppliers. This party diary was published in February 2008.

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