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Pre-Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas : How to Make Butterflies & Paper Medallions Origami

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In three weeks time, we are going to celebrate Jewel's 7th Birthday. But instead of throwing out a big party where I might be spending close to 6 digits of pesos, we decided to celebrate it with an intimate family bonding in Panglao Island, Bohol (details to follow soon).

But  I cannot take for the granted the birthday party photographs which we are not going to have, so I asked  my officemate CC who is a hobbyist photographer to  render his services for the photo shoot (read as T-I-P-I-D).  

The theme is J is for Jewel. It will be an all pastel color scheme in yellow, blue, pink and green. 

Here are my inspirations.

Photo Souce :
Photo Source :

This photo session will also be my first time to do a photo shoot styling (another DIY for me, yippee!) which only means that the props will also be crafted by yours truly. I wanted my girls to be involved  and so I asked for the help of my two young assistants Janelle and Jewel.

Janelle and Jewel showing their butterfly origami. Great job kids!

Paper Medallions by Ate Janelle

With the help of these Instructional Videos, the kids were able to finished their tasks.

Here is a video on how to make a Butterfly Origami

And another instructional video on how to make hanging paper medallions

While the girls were busy with their crafts and  Daddy Mark can't seem to understand what we are up to, I am busy designing the toppers for the cupcakes to be used in the shoot. Here are my finished designs.

We will also be using some props like the welcome signage, cupcake / cake  tower stands, letter standees and wooden fence  from Wooden KidiKraft.

Click here for more designs
I hope that this will turn out great. Wish me luck!

Feel free to email me at for inquiries and for some free lay-outs. :-)

Give. Celebrate. Enjoy.

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