Say I Do. I Do. on Valentine's Day

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Getting married on Valentine's Day? Sounds like a good idea.

With only 5 days to go before Valentine's day, my office (Pag-IBIG Fund) has been preparing for this big event of the year. The “Libreng Kasal, I Do. I Do. Araw ng Pag-IBIG” project  is open to all Pag-IBIG Fund members and potential members who have been living in for five years above, provided they are at least 23 years old.

Aside from the free wedding rite and the free foods and weddings cakes for the reception, the newly-weds will also be given the chance to win minor and major prizes and will be treated with a lot of entertainment and other surprises.

But wait, before you you go down on your knees and ask your partner to be a part of this Kasalang Bayan, here are some information that you should know.

What is a mass wedding?
A collective wedding or mass wedding is a marriage ceremony in which several couples are married at the same time.

Why mass civil weddings are common phenomenon in the Philippines?
In the Philippines, mass civil weddings are common phenomenon, and are often sponsored by government and charitable groups as a form of public service and social responsibility. Local politicians and sometimes celebrities participate as common wedding sponsors at such mass rites, which enable couples to benefit from formal state recognition of their unions.

Financial Considerations
Mass weddings are sometimes preferred for economic and social reasons, such as the costs for the venue, officiants, decorations, and sometimes celebrations afterwards can be shared between multiple familes.

What are the requirements for a Civil Wedding?
Requirements for a Civil Wedding depends on Cities or Municipalities. For Marriage Licenses and Registration of Marriage, here are the list of complete requirements from the Civil Registry of the Local Government of Quezon City

For Marriage Licenses
  • Birth or Baptismal Certificates of both applicants.
  • If widowed, death certificate of demise spouse
  • If previous marriage was annulled, copy of Court Decision and absolute Decree of Finality from the Court
  • Community Tax Certificates of both applicants, male and female
  • One ID Photo (colored or black and white) of each applicant, male and female
  • Certificate of Family Planning and Marriage Counselling*
          *There is no age limit for Family Planning, however couples 24 years and below need to attend Family Planning Sessions and Marriage counseling. These sessions are scheduled for one-half day within the premises of the City Hall.

Marriageable Age 

18 years old (male or female)

Persons below 21 years old need parental consent

Persons 21 years and below 25 years old need advice from parents

Registration Fees
Application Form                                  P50
Filing Fee                                               P100
Marriage License Fee                           P100
Registration of Marriage Certificate     P70

Issuance of Marriage License should be released after 10 days posting after the Marriage Application was filed. License expires 120 days from the date license was issued.

Mark and JLo Nuptials  (November 2001)
So if you are considering to join the Kasalang Bayan next year, please call the Pag-IBIG Fund Call Center at 724-4244 or email Love! Love! Love!

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Photo Credit   : Pag-IBIG Fund Website