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Life Begins at 40 : Forty (40) Awesome Ideas to Add to Your Bucket List

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They say that life begins at 40. And as  I am about to enter this new phase in my life, I reviewed my list which I first crafted 20 years ago. Looking back, I discovered that I had done most of the things and became ambitious to the do the ones that had gone undone.

With eight months to go before my BIG 4-0 celebration, I added exciting and challenging but achievable items on my bucket list. These are the things that I always wanted to see, experience, do or feel. I could only pray to do all of these in my lifetime.

So whether you started crafting your bucket list or not, here are some awesome ideas that you could add to it, for the adventurous, talented and the creative you.  

1.     Appear on Philippine National TV

JLo on TV5 "What's up Doods!" hosted by Edu Manzano (October 2013)

2.     Appear on a TV Commercial / Print Ad or Be a movie extra
3.     Be a McDonald's Service Crew for a day
4.     Be a part of an International Chorale Music Festival
5.     Become a title holder

Grand Prize Winner - Pag-IBIG Fund Singing Idol
(February 2009)

6.     Build a snowman
7.     Buy stocks and play the stock market (2013)
8.   Catch, cook and eat fish
9.    Celebrate  Birthdays with the less fortunate
10. Contribute an article for a magazine / newspaper
11. Drive an ATV
12. Finish a 3k Run
13. Fire a gun
14. Go parasailing
15. Go rock climbing / rapelling
16. Go wakeboarding

CamSur (May 2010)

17. Go white water rafting in CDO
18. Have drinks at an ice bar
19. Hit the archery bulls eye
20. Horseback ride on a beach
21. “Kawa” hot bath in Antique
22. Launch a new blogsite (January 2014)

23. Learn a new/foreign language
24. Learn how to drive (2008)
25. Learn how to sail
26. Receive a bloggers award / citation
27. Receive a fan letter
28. Record a song and do a music video

29. Ride in a hot air balloon
30. Ride a cable car  (July 2006 in Hongkong)
31. Serve food at a soup kitchen
32. Sing for a Children’s TV Show (like Batibot etc)
33. Stand under a waterfall

Pagsanjan Falls (April 2012)

34. Start your own business

Wooden KidiKraft at the World Trade Center (October 2009)

35. Swim with the Butandings in Sorsogon

Bicol Adventure (May 2010)

36. Take a helicopter ride
37. Take a zipline ride

Zipline at Lingon Hills (May 2010)

38. Visit a Buddhist Temple
Me and my  College Buddies in Bangkok, Thailand (November 2013)

39. Visit the 7 continents
40.  Win in a sports competition / tournament

But wait there's more :-) 
And the list goes on... (updated as of 03/08/14)

41.  Kite Surfing in Seco Island, Tibiao, Antique

Do you have any ideas to add on my list? I love to hear from you,.