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MOMents Episode 82 : JLo on being a D-I-Y Party Mom

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5 years ago and 15 pounds lighter :-), I was featured on Gladys Reyes TV show on Net 25 entitled MOMents. 

The theme for that episode is party planning and I was one of their featured Mom as the "D-I-Y Party  Mom". My party souvenir business KidiKraft then was so new and  it is really about my blogging then that made me one of their guest Mom.

Now, as I reminisce about my blog "Blogging in..." who died 2 years ago, I can't help but think where it could be now if it still alive. I treated my blog then as my diary, as an extension of myself. Those time that I really don't care if people will read or not, and how I missed those times that I blog like this. 

How I missed my 11 PM blogging time where I usually sit on the stairs just  to get a good internet connection, those times when I have skin breakouts due to lack of sleep as it coincides with my "blogskin's breakout" (Oh my HTML!).

And how I missed my readers. I don't know where they are now, perhaps they are one of those known mom bloggers now. I remember a reader followed me in an event and told me, " I  read your blog, san event mo sa susunod?".

Ok enough. Don't cry over spoiled milk as they say. From now on, I will get back to blogging with straight from the heart post, more sharing, more information, and more importantly, to give more inspiration. 

Tempus fugit, time really flies!

Watch it here. Enjoy!