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30 Questions to Ask Your Potential Event Caterers

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Is it your first time to organize or plan your own event? When planning for your event preferably for your wedding, it is vital to ask the right questions  to your supplier/caterer. Make sure you have written down all your concerns so you will be prepared with your first meeting.

Your questions will set the mood on your meeting with the caterer. They should be able to assess the kind of event you want to have. The success of your wedding reception is riding on it, so it's no time to be shy.

Glam Wedding Set-up by M Fine Foods and Catering

Here's a sampling of the questions that you'll want to ask to your caterer :

1. Are you a full - service caterer?

2. Can I see photos of other wedding receptions at the site?

3. What's the cancellation policy? Is the deposit refundable?

4. Can I ask for an official receipt?

5. Are the taxes included in the contract?

6. If we provide our own cake, do I need to pay the servers an additional fee for cutting and serving the cake?

7. Do you have free food tasting event? When? If yes, up to how many pax is entitled for the free food tasting?

8. Do you provide children's meal?

9. Do you provide supplier's meal?

10. Can you provide free bartender?

Rustic Theme Set-up by M Fine Foods and Catering

11. Will the catering manager be on site during the reception?

12. Is there an additional fee for staff overtime?

13. What's the ratio or servers to guests?

14. How many events you have on the same day, same time as my wedding?

15. Who is the main contact during the wedding? The head waiter or the Account Executive?

16. Do you specialize in certain types of food?

17. Do you provide the sound system?

18. Do you require minimum number of guests?

19. When will I need to finalize the menu?

20. Do you work with frozen or fresh food?

Iberian Chicken from M Fine Foods and Catering

21. Are you familiar with the reception site? If no, are you going to conduct an ocular inspection?

22. Can we review the standard contract?

23. 1 round of drinks or unlimited drinks?

23. Is there a corkage fee if I'll bring some beer/alcohol drinks?

24. Can I have some freebies or upgrades?

25. Mono block or tiffany or ghost chairs?

26. How much advance time you need for the set-up?

27. Will you provide containers for the left overs?

28. When I must provide the final head count?

29. Do you provide the name cards for the VIP tables and table numbers for the guest tables?

30. What is your policy on tips / gratuity fee?

When choosing your caterer, it also a plus that the caterer is highly recommended, with a good reputation in the industry and a good track record. is highly recommending M Catering and Fine Foods .

Sarah and John Lloyd's movie-inspired mouth-watering creations courtesy of M Catering

About M Catering and Fine Foods

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