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How to Organize a Surprise Birthday Party for your Mom or Dad

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It is hard to organize a surprise party especially if you have difficulties in keeping secrets. And what makes it more difficult is that, if the surprise party is for your mother's birthday, more harder it gets if your Mom is living with you.

When my Nanay turned 65 years old last January 2012, we throw a surprise birthday party for her. It was a double surprise, why? I have an Architect brother who's been working in Qatar and he decided to go home for a vacation without my mother knowing about it. It was the night before her birthday, and all the while she thought that's it, that was the surprise already. 

"The unico hijo has just arrived, and she was in tears."

But there's more to come! A Surprise Birthday Party and an instant Family Reunion all-in-one on her birthday.

If you want to do the same for your Mom or Dad this year, then you've come to right place. Here are the steps on How to Organize a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Mom or Dad.

Get an "accomplice"
Forgive me for the wrong use of the word 'accomplice', but you simply cannot do it alone. You need someone to help you plan and be your "look out". 

Plan the perfect guest list
This is not your party, so it is better to invite only those whom the celebrant would really love to see on his/her special day. It can be her siblings and some relatives living in the provinces. 

Keep it a secret
Tell your invited guests that the guest of honor should not find out about the surprise. Advice them not to send any birthday messages even through SMS. Make sure that the he/she doesn't see any decorations or party supplies before hand. Keep it all top secret!

Pick a location where she/he shouldn't expect it to be
Choose a restaurant or a venue where you can easily make an "alibi" why do you need to go there. It should be accessible and near to your house  to avoid any problems on logistics.

Choose decorations and theme if you want
The theme should reflect the personality of the celebrant. If you decide to have a color motif, make sure to buy him/her clothes that she will wear on her birthday. And don't forget  to have a ready "alibi" if she will ask you "why are we all wearing red?". Tip : You can say that, "I have arranged a family photo shoot for us and this is our concept, red and black.Let's have lunch first."

Plan the menu
The guest will be composed of mostly "oldies", so make sure you have something for everyone. An eat-all-you can restaurant is a good choice.

Have the guests arrived secretly, make an early call time
Ask your guests to arrive 30 minutes earlier. If 75% of your guests were already at the venue, ask your "look out" to give you the go signal for the <drum roll> Surprise!!!!!!

Make it a family reunion
Make a program if you want to, but the fact that it will be a mini family reunion is enough to make your mom/dad cry in tears on her birthday.

Less selfies, more groupies
Hire a good photographer who can capture each moments. Have a family portrait afterwards.

Make it special
No need for an explanation, just make it happen!

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