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I Love Being a Mom : The Wrap Up

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It took me a while starting this wrap up post, it took me 2 days to be exact. After the event, I started uploading photos and I did not care that I need to do a blog post  about  the event right away. Yes, the #ibm2014 is just one of my CBSME Module 2 requirements, but it turned out to be more than just a school project.

Where do I begin?

I found myself having a steam bath at The Spa - Trinoma this afternoon after hearing an angel saying "for all your hard work, you need a tap on the back". Then I said to myself, yes of course! I deserve a little pampering, I deserve a 'me' time. This is also the best time to live by with the mantra that I am applying now "Work hard, Give More, and Play Harder", and it is Play Time baby! :-)

As I sip a hot ginger tea while I am having a foot scrub, I didn't noticed that I'm teary eyed. I closed my eyes and  thanked the Lord for giving me such a  comfortable life, a life that is far different from the girls of Nazareth.

The Girls of Nazareth

Not all people will be given a chance in their lifetime to work with this kind of project. Meeting the girls is an opportunity not just to help but also an opportune time to be thankful that we are blessed.

Nazareth Home provides expectant mothers with a holistic and rehabilitative service which includes food, shelter, medical care (pre-natal, childbirth, post-natal through the hospital), casework & counseling, value formation and spiritual growth, skills training & personality development, and family therapy. The counseling is focused on family preservation and permanency planning for the child. 

The I <3 Being a Mom Project

I knew from the start that the project is doable with the limited amount of time to work on it. I also knew  that I will face a lot of challenges, and there were times that my patience is being tested and I think I am getting good at it, but working with grace under pressure is harder 'tho.

The projects' main objective is to show that Social Media can be a platform for social change and anyone has the power to motivate others to give back to society.  And yes, objectives attained. 80% of the people who worked with me on this project I met only on the day of the event. I am really amazed  with the power of social media in generating the buzz about this project, call for bloggers, donors and sponsors were all done on-line.

My desire to come up with this kind of project started 20 years ago but never had the chance to. This project would never been possible without the help of all those who supported me in one way or another. I am fully convinced that volunteerism works.

MORALE BOOSTERS CBSME Mentors (Ms Janette Toral & Mr. Mark Delgado), CBSME Classmates and Friends, followers, fans and  readers
SUPPLIER SPONSORS M Catering and Fine FoodsPartyboostersSister's SweetnessKing Sue HamKidiKraftTickled Moms
SOCIAL MEDIA PARTNER / COMMUNITY GROUPS DigitalFilipino, CBSME, Newlyweds@work, Mommy Bloggers Philippines, Pro-Life Philippine Foundation Inc.Ms. Mae Nagtalon of the Life Change Recovery Center, Dhol@work
MOMMY BLOGGERS Cheryl Chan - The Multi Tasking MomClarice - Tickled Mom ClariceDenise - BebengismsLeira - Pagaspas Family BlogJoy - Pinions and Plumage of LoveNadia - Nanay's TripBedalyn - Mami and FamilyNerissa, Camille, Juliet, Lani, Sella
INDIVIDUAL SPONSORS Atty. Ian and OCS Staff, Santos Family, Canoza Family, Porras Family, Lloren Family, Diaz Family


I only envisioned it as an outreach program where a group of Mommy Bloggers will just blog about the institution after turning over the donations, but it turned out to be a baby shower, seminar on stress management and breastfeeding, and a mentoring program all in one.

Mommy Blogger Joy of Pinions and Plumage of Love leading the opening prayer

Ms. Cecile of Nazareth Homes gives the Opening Remarks and inform the bloggers about the services of
 Nazareth Homes for expectant mothers

Mommy JLo of introduces the Mommy Bloggers of #ibm2014

Baby Shower Games
Ms. Mae Nagtalon of the Life Change Recovery Center talks about Stress Management and
 relaxation techniques
Mommy Blogger Cheryl Chan - Wong of the Multi - Tasking Mom talks about
Birth / Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 
Full catering service was  provided by our generous sponsor M Catering and Fine Foods

Baby Shower Party Details
Rainbow Cake from Sisters' Sweetness
Popcorn and Balloons Set-up from Party boosters
King Sue Ham Give-aways for Nazareth and Mommy Bloggers
Wooden Baskets from KidiKraft

Tickled Moms owner and Mommy blogger Clarice discuss with Ms. Cecile how to use the Cloth Diaper

Mentoring and Coaching - "Hakab"
Turn over of donations to Nazareth Homes

The Ladies of #ibm2014

Thank you dear Mommy Bloggers for helping me and let us continue to be a blessing to others. 

With all pride, let me share you dear readers the blog post of the ibm2014 Mommy bloggers about the event. 

The Multi - Tasking Mom  -

Nanay's Trip -

Pagaspas Family Blog

Pinions and Plumage of Love - 


Wings on Earth

Tickled Mom Clarice

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