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My CBSME Journey with Ateneo-DigitalFilipino

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June 28 is Social Media Day in the Philippines, and there is no other way for me to contribute in the celebration than by sharing with my readers my journey in attending the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneurship (CBSME) Program with Ateneo-DigitalFilipino.

The CBSME Course Pie
If you are a blogger, online seller, social media practitioner or a student who would like to understand social media more, then this program is definitely for you.

I started blogging in 2001 and it is only in January 2014 when I realized that there is more to blogging than being a personal journal. As an online seller/entrepreneur, the program helped me in terms of  attracting leads and generating sales.

Blog Launch, Copywriting, and Social Media Promotions

Hands-on Project : Produce a blog, follow an agreed-upon content plan and promote
Project :

When I migrated from Friendster to Facebook in mid 2000, I lost interest in blogging since I already can do microblogging using FB. I am glad that our mentor Ms. Janette Torral of DigitalFilipino inspired me and brought back the fire in me in blogging.

It was the 25th of January 2014 when was launched in cyberspace and it was life changing. talks about events and celebrating life to the fullest.

Objectives :

1. Identify goals, target audience needs, and potential.
2. Build a blog site and content plan.
3. Roll out the site and perform basic promotions inlcuding social media.
4. Reach out to fellow bloggers, social media users and build community.
5. Monitor and improve performance.

Lessons Learned :

1. Blogging is not Bragging, always think about your readers
2. Content is the King
3. Trust your brand
4. Find your niche
5.  Be an influencer
6. Use the power of being personal

Self rating : 88%

Professional Blogging, Social Media Marketing, and Advertising as a Business

Hands-on Project : Design and run a blog and social media marketing and advertising program
Project :  I :-> Being a Mom : An Extra Ordinary Way to Honor Mothers on Mother's Day

This is my favorite Module of all. I was given an opportunity to campaign for an advocacy which helps single mothers from Nazareth Homes. With the help of the mommy bloggers community, we were able to  come up with this event.

I only envisioned it as an outreach program where a group of Mommy Bloggers will just blog about the institution after turning over the donations, but it turned out to be a baby shower, seminar on stress management and breasfeeding and mentoring program all in one.

The Mommy  Bloggers and the Mommies of Nazareth Homes

Objectives :

1. Tap blogs and social media in various ways for promotions, awareness, and support for marketing and entrepreneurial pursuits.
2. Understand the available blog and social media advertising platforms, costing, and analyze a blog's effectiveness.
3. Profile blogs, bloggers, social media users based on their reach and influence.

Lessons Learned :

1. Build your own tribe
2. Create and/or Join networks/communities
3. Collaboration works
4. Beef up social media profiles
5. PR / Building relationship is important

Self Rating : 95%

Make Money from Blogging and Social Media as a Service Provider

Hands-on Project : Come up with a social media services package and roll it our for a client
Project : Lopez Canteen FB Page and Blog Promotions

Module 3 gave me the opportunity to provide social media services to a business. We were tasked to come up with a social media services package and roll it our for a client. Dealing with clients is not new to me but offering social media services is really something new. During the course, Digified Solutions, Lopez Canteen's FB Page and was born. 

At first, I thought that this will be the easiest Module, but I was wrong, it is not an easy task. Creating a website is not for me (yet ...), but what I love about Module 3 is the opportunity and having the  chance to organize bloggers event or at least  be invited to a  bloggers event.

For this project, I asked blogger friends to do a product a review (Lopez Palabok and Lumpiang Prito)  for Lopez Canteen. And this is what they came up with :

Elaine Gallardo of Wife na Mommy pa 
Joy Lojo of Pinions and Plumage of Love

Objectives :

1. Generate income through blogging.
2. Make money from Blogging and Social Media as a service provider.
3. Offer blog creation, blog marketing, blog advertising placement, content development and, social media promotion as a service to businesses.
4. Build a blog content writers network.

Lessons Learned :

1. Engage with followers
2. Promote as much as possible
3. Post daily social media content
4. Be visual

Self Rating : 86%

Revelations & Experiences during and after the Program

1. Be a mentor.
2. I am an influencer
3. I was able to enhanced my presentation skills.
4. Social media is really that powerful. Use it wisely.
5. My mantra - Work hard. Give more. Play harder!
6. My leadership skills was put to a test, and I was able to validate  that I am a good leader.
7. I've met and networked with awesome, empowered and like-minded individuals who value hard work.
8. The program opened me to a new world of PR and marketing which gives me more self-confidence.
9. I was able to build my own network.

Do you want to experience the same? Join the Certified Blog and Social Media Entreprenuer Program.