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My Party Diary : Peacock Wedding Theme Ideas

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Event       Lopez - Calimag Nuptials
Date        September  14, 2013
Theme     Peacock inspired

Church              Mt. Carmel Church
Coordinator     JLofied
Flowers            Olivia Angeles
HMU                 Rina Gorrospe
Bridal Gown     Edward Teng Collections
Dresses           Larinna Bridals
Hotel                 Discovery Suites

Venue              Oasis Manila
Catering           CVJ Food Catering
Cake                Hearts and Bells
Photo               Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings
Video               Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings
Host                Jonathan Ramos


My brother asked me to arrange his wedding last year and they wanted a peacock inspired wedding. I know that there will be challenges along the way because they are based in Qatar, but they gave me full authority to decide on which supplier to hire, so challenge accepted.

So here's a guide to peacock wedding themes, peacock wedding ideas, peacock wedding decorations, and ways to incorporate peacock theme into your wedding or events.

The couple wanted the color scheme to be more on the blue and green, but I suggested to add more  pink and purple which we incorporated in the flowers.

Peacock feathers used as accents in the invitations

Flowers from Olivia Angeles
D-I-Y Invitation by JLofied

Peacock feathers were also used as accent on the bridal bouquet

Wedding Cake from Hearts and Bells. Simple yet elegant
VIP Table Setup from CVJ

Peacock inspired bridal gown from Edward Teng Collections

I love how the combination of colors worked together.

Cris and Marnie 09.14.13

I am overall satisfied with how the event turned out to be and I love every details of it. 

Watch the Wedding Video here :

'Till next JLofied events.