How AIR21 Will Help Me Improve My Party Supplies Business "Wooden"

As an entrepreneur, we aimed to provide quality, timely and effective products or services to our customers. Logistical support plays a very important part of the business for it actually leads to the completion of a business transaction, it enables delivery and transportation of goods or services from a seller to a buyer.

We are all concerned with the actual delivery of goods, it should be timely and secured to maximize client satisfaction. 

One thing that I consider in choosing my partner logistic company is convenience, it should meet the following criteria :

1. Shipment pick-up
2. Online booking 
3. Secure online payment

KidiKraft's Wooden Baskets and Letter Standees ready for shipping

Last week at the Digital Leaders Bootcamp that I attended, I learned that AIR21 launched the first complete online platform for shipment booking, payment, and package pick-up and delivery in the Philippines. I am glad that I can request package pick-up by accessing its platform at www.onlinebooking.air21.com.ph , I am sure that it will give me extra time for my family instead of going to their offices and bring the package for shipping. 

Book. Pay. Ship.

Let me tell you about the features of AIR21 Online Booking that will assist me in my growing business.

The AIR 21 Online Booking has seven major features namely : (1) Secured Client Information, (2) Secured Online Payment System, (3) Address Book of Frequent Consignees, (4) Auto-Fill, Print-Ready Waybill, (5) Shipment Verification Process, (6) User-Friendly Platform, and (7) Widely Served Areas.

Account Creation 
Shippers can sign up easily by filling out the basic information sheet and creating an address book of consignees. As part of the security measures, all accounts will only be activated through an email verification code.

Secured Payment Process
The AIR 21 Online Booking platform has a SSL Certificate that keeps the integrity of payment account information. In case the shipper decides to transact some other time, the platform is capable of refund as the incident is reported immediately.

Seamless Booking, Pick-Up and Delivery
All pertinent details found in the regular AIR21 waybill is found int he AIR21 Online Booking platform. This makes the booking, pick-up, and delivery process easy since the data is complete. Accepted packages are SuLight (Extra Small, Small Box), Bulilit Box (3kg), and Hebigat Box (5kg, 10kg, and 20kg)

Watch this video to learn more about the step by step procedure on how to use the platform.

 Does your business need logistical support? Experience AIR21 Onling Booking through www.onlinebooking.air21.com.ph to enjoy the privileges of easy, safe and efficient online transaction. Sa AIR21, Sagot nya ang padala ko! 



114th Civil Service Commission Anniversary Government Choral Competition

It's the time of the year again where choral groups from different government agencies compete for the much awaited Government Choral Competition in celebration of the Philippine Civil Service 114th Anniversary. As an Alto 2 member of the Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale, joining and winning these competitions has always been something I look forward too. As a matter of fact, joining and winning International/Local Choir competitions and festivals is #4 on my Bucket List.

CSC Government Choral Competition 2011 - The Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale won 2nd runner up

About the Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale

The Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale was formally organized in September 2005. The group, composed of Fund employees from the agency's corporate headquarters and NCR branch offices, supports the institution's quest for excellence, providing that Pag-IBIG employees are not only capable of providing exceptional service to its members, but also shining in arts and culture, particularly music.

The group made its public debut in CCP's Liwliwa: Konsyerto ng mga Kawani", a light-hearted evening of songs uniting all musically gifted choirs from different government agencies. With 8 years, the Pag-IBIG Fund Chorale has participated in various competitions and festivals including Madz et al and has graced local television shows.

The CSC Government Choral Competition

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) will once again hold the Government Choral Competition in line with the 114th Philippine Civil Service Anniversary celebration this coming September 2014. The competition aims to showcase musical creativity of talented government employees, promote Filipino culture and arts through choral singing, and inculcate in the minds of public servants a culture of excellence in public service.

 For more details on contest mechanics, visit Philippine Civil Service Anniversary Website

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Events Planning

How to Organize a Nail Spa Party

Whether you are celebrating your birthday, hosting a bridal shower/ baby shower, or if you just simply want to  bond or  catch up with your girlfriends,  a Spa Party is a perfect way to celebrate the day. A great combination of Good friends, Spa Treats, Delicious food and Refreshing drinks makes up a good Spa Party that will be the talk of the town.

So the next question is, how to have a Spa Party? 

And what if ?

1. You don't have enough time to arrange and prepare for the party.
2. You only have 2 to 3 hours to spare for the event.
3. You and all your girlfriends are all working in Makati (like we do!).
4. All your girlfriends are free on a weekday, after office hours only.

then this article is for you. Here's how :

Make a guest list and keep it small

You are organizing this party to relax after all, so keep it small and intimate by limiting your guests to only close friends. It will be more fun if there are less than 10 people, since most of nail salons can only accommodate this much. This will also ensure that everyone gets to bond with each other and experience all the pampering you and your friends deserves.

Tips 'N Toes Nail Salon, Glorietta 5
Photo Credit : HDI Admix

Book a reservation to a nail spa within or near your offices

If you want to do it after office hours, book a nail spa within or near your offices to save time in travelling. If you happen to have your offices in Makati, reserve Tips 'N Toes Nail Salon located at the 2nd floor Glorietta 5, Makati City as your party venue. Tips 'N Toes provides that perfect relaxing atmosphere for your girl bonding moments.

Tips 'N Toes products and equipment are used in Holywood and top hotels around the world.
Photo Credit : HDI Admix

Send invites a week before the event

Hand spa, Foot spa, Manicure and Pedicure too,
a day of pampering just for you!
A Fabulous Nail Spa Party is waiting for you!

You may prepare a D-I-Y invitation or may simply text your girlfriends. Your creativity is your limit.

Photo credit : www.loveitsomuch.com

Plan to  order / prepare some healthy and delicious food
Simple yet healthy and delicious food, not to heavy but not too light. Oh! And don't forget to prepare drinks like smoothies or fruit juices.

Mini Fruit Pavlova by M Catering & Fine Foods

Take some good photos of yourselves to remember your party by

Take photos whether selfies or groupies. Remember how important images are for people to be able to capture certain memories. Your photos should evoke memories and emotions in you.

Enjoy the pampering

Leave your worries behind and enjoy the day with your friends. I am sure you will really be pampered with a premier nail salon like Tips 'N Toes

JLo enjoying Tips 'N Toes state of the art signature couches


Tips 'N Toes is a premier nail salon in the Philippines. With over 20 years' experience, Tips 'N Toes has truly established itself as a trendsetter and the go to salon for premium sculptured nails.

With its signature couches and calming classy interiors, Tips 'N Toes is your haven in the city. Boasting of several well-chosen branches all over the metro, Tips 'N Toes offers the latest, state of the art nail care, nail extensions, nail enhancements, massage, eyelash extensions, waxing and other deluxe services.

Photo Credit : HDI Admix

Tips 'N Toes is committed to offering only the best. With their pool of expert and internationally trained nail therapists and technicians, you are assured of the best possible care using products and equipment that are used in Holywood and top hotels around the world.

Photo Credit : HDI Admix

With Tips 'N Toes, you are pampered from the tips of your lashes to the end of your toes.

For more information, please visit their website at http://tipsntoes.com.ph.




Three (3) Healing Spa Services to Try at Thai Raksa Healing Spa

I celebrated Social Media Day with a Bloggers SPArty held at Thai Raksa Healing Spa in Shaw Boulevard last June 28. For bloggers like me who usually sleeps for 3 to 4 hours only, a SPArty is a perfect time to network and get to know bloggers in the industry. We celebrated #SMDay with new learnings and new experiences with the  help of traditional, integrative and oriental medicine practitioners from Thai Raksa Healing Spa

SPArty with Blogger friends in celebration of Thai Raksa's Healing Spa 1st year anniversary
We learned a lot about the 3 modalities  of healing  like massage, acupunture and reiki. The owners Ms. Catherine Joyce and Mr. Rudy Corro Jr with in-house acupunturist Mr. Wilfredo Apinado explained to us the benefits and the power of these disciplines to achieve health and wellness to everyone. It was an event full of sharing, food and laughter. 

One-on-one interview with Thai Raksa founder and Nepal trained psychic, Ms. Catherine Joyce

Thai Raksa (meaning Thai healing) was conceived to provide a unique and cutting edge healing spa with a repository of different and effective healing spa with a repository of different and effective healing modalities like massage, acupuncture and reiki (energy healing).

And the best way to describe these modalities is by experiencing it.

1. Acupunture
Acupunture is a form of Chinese medicine that has been practiced for centuries. It's based on the theory that energy, called chi (chee), flows through and around your body along pathways called meridians. This is done by putting a very thin needles into your skin at certain points on your body. This is done to influence the energy flow. Sometimes heat, pressure, or mild electrical current is used along the needles.

Vlogger Alice Mate trying out the Anti ageing Cosmetic Acupunture
At first you will feel a little numbness for a while but it will make you feel very relaxed. I was amazed how this hair thin needles do wonders for your body. 

2. Reiki Energy Healing
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life source energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

Trying out Reiki for the first time
Yes, I needed this stress reduction technique and so I volunteered to be the first one to experience it. For some, the procedure will make you anxious for a while because  you might think that Reiki is a paranormal activity/technique. But there is science to it, please check the infogram below. 

After a 30 minute session of balancing my chakras, Ms. Cathy asked if I am experiencing difficulty in breathing and having back aches all the time. I said yes. She explained that it is because I am having problems with suppressed emotions. She said something about "Mahina/ manipis sa bandang dibdib", based on the infogram, I think it has to do with #4. Over-all. my aura's color is blue, and I googled what it means and I found out that......(drum rolls, please!!!). 

I agree! :-)

3. Organic Body Scrub with Swedish Massage
The healing power of touch is instinctive in human nature and when we formalize that instinctive touch into massage, it becomes a powerful healing tool.

Thai Raksa's organic body scrub uses coffee, sea salt and lavander. And I must say that I will be back soon for another session. I love it and I am recommending it.


Thai Raksa Healing Spa was established to provide a new experience to clients to facilitate healing by manipulating energy meridians through touch, needling,a nd non-invasive manipulation to achieve energy balance so the chi, blood, fluids and essence inside the body is reinvigorated.

Thai Raksa Healing Spa is located at
 #547 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City
(02) 668-9780

Do you want to experience Reiki or Acupuncture? I love to hear from you.