How AIR21 Will Help Me Improve My Party Supplies Business "Wooden"

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As an entrepreneur, we aimed to provide quality, timely and effective products or services to our customers. Logistical support plays a very important part of the business for it actually leads to the completion of a business transaction, it enables delivery and transportation of goods or services from a seller to a buyer.

We are all concerned with the actual delivery of goods, it should be timely and secured to maximize client satisfaction. 

One thing that I consider in choosing my partner logistic company is convenience, it should meet the following criteria :

1. Shipment pick-up
2. Online booking 
3. Secure online payment

KidiKraft's Wooden Baskets and Letter Standees ready for shipping

Last week at the Digital Leaders Bootcamp that I attended, I learned that AIR21 launched the first complete online platform for shipment booking, payment, and package pick-up and delivery in the Philippines. I am glad that I can request package pick-up by accessing its platform at www.onlinebooking.air21.com.ph , I am sure that it will give me extra time for my family instead of going to their offices and bring the package for shipping. 

Book. Pay. Ship.

Let me tell you about the features of AIR21 Online Booking that will assist me in my growing business.

The AIR 21 Online Booking has seven major features namely : (1) Secured Client Information, (2) Secured Online Payment System, (3) Address Book of Frequent Consignees, (4) Auto-Fill, Print-Ready Waybill, (5) Shipment Verification Process, (6) User-Friendly Platform, and (7) Widely Served Areas.

Account Creation 
Shippers can sign up easily by filling out the basic information sheet and creating an address book of consignees. As part of the security measures, all accounts will only be activated through an email verification code.

Secured Payment Process
The AIR 21 Online Booking platform has a SSL Certificate that keeps the integrity of payment account information. In case the shipper decides to transact some other time, the platform is capable of refund as the incident is reported immediately.

Seamless Booking, Pick-Up and Delivery
All pertinent details found in the regular AIR21 waybill is found int he AIR21 Online Booking platform. This makes the booking, pick-up, and delivery process easy since the data is complete. Accepted packages are SuLight (Extra Small, Small Box), Bulilit Box (3kg), and Hebigat Box (5kg, 10kg, and 20kg)

Watch this video to learn more about the step by step procedure on how to use the platform.

 Does your business need logistical support? Experience AIR21 Onling Booking through www.onlinebooking.air21.com.ph to enjoy the privileges of easy, safe and efficient online transaction. Sa AIR21, Sagot nya ang padala ko!