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Bloggers as Digital Influencers : How Blogging Changed My Life

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I've always mention this to my friends that taking this CBSME course from Ateneo-DigitalFilipino  is really life changing. A lot of opportunities knocking at my door lately and right now I am considering and taking a leap of faith on each one of them. My appearance at Kris TV was one of them, a  job offer related to Marketing  from a former boss and the chance to be a resource speaker at the recently concluded Digital Influencers Marketing Summit 2014 last September 13 at the SMX Mall of Asia.

I attended the Summit because of 3 reasons : 1) as a CBSME graduate helping out in the event; 2) as a participant and 3) as a speaker. It was my first time, and I think I still have a lot of things to work on to, perhaps a Public Speaking Workshop will do the trick. Honestly, it was easier for me to sing/perform on that stage because I've performed at that same stage several times already.

I had a hard time expressing my thoughts during the event, so I am redeeming myself by writing what I should  have said.

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I was asked to share my experiences on how I used my blog to share my mom-hood, my online party planning/supplies business   and my I <heart> being a Mom advocacy project. So here it is, my "My Life Story as a Blogger".
Mommy JLo

I started being a mommy blogger as early as 2004, just a few months after my eldest Janelle was born. I had a hard time conceiving that's why I started sharing about my PCOS and TTC Journey. I used my blog to inspire and give hope to women who also had difficulty getting pregnant or TTC (trying to conceive). I started to gain a handful of followers/readers and most of them started asking questions already about my OB/Gyne, medicines to take, strategies, tips and some even asked for "sex positions"  to use. :-)

Like most of first time mom out there in the blogosphere, I usually talk about my daughter and her developments, from learning how to walk, how to talk, eating habits, first hair cut and all those "first" and milestones.

Being able to give hope to those couple that they too can bear a child  means so much to me. Most of them became good friends and some became "kumares" to their first born.

JLo the Mompreneur

In the year 2007, I started to blog about my kids parties. I share with my readers my "suppliers rating" and started to give fearless reviews on each suppliers I hired for my events.  I started to realize the power of blogging and how it will influence the consumers  buying decisions, a simple review will make or break a supplier.

Now that I am already a so called "party supplier", I used blogging to share with my readers all successful events we had. I even asked blogger friends and clients who eventually became friends also  to do a product review. Blogging about a product or services will make a business credible enough to be trusted. 

The I <heart> being a Mom Advocacy Project

The projects' main objective is to show that Social Media can be a platform for social change and anyone has the power to motivate others to give back to society.  And yes, objectives attained. 80% of the people who worked with me on this project I met only on the day of the event. I am really amazed  with the power of blogging and social media in generating the buzz about this project, call for bloggers, donors and sponsors were all done on-line.

My desire to come up with this kind of project started 20 years ago but never had the chance to. Through blogging, one can have that great power to change the world one step at a time. Use it to help and be of service to others in need, and use that power to influence others to do the same.

L-R Grace Bondad, JLofied, Ben France, Janette Torral

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blog of 2014 Writing Project
8 month old was nominated on this project. I did not make it 'tho, but Ms. Lani Lyutz of asked to me to claim the certificate in her behalf. Oh and wait there's more!  I won a $100 in the raffle draw. It seems that all the stars in the universe are all watching over me! :-)
Receiving the award for Ms. Lani Lyutz of Mommy Bloggers Philippines

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