Mompreneurs : The Secrets of the Hardest Working People in Business Revealed

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One fine day at the office
I've seen, met and connected with a lot of women like me who juggles family, carreer and business. How do you think they balance the ultimate balancing act?

A lot of mompreneurs admit that they face a lot of challenges , one of the main challenge is not having the right support staff to help them run their business. Mompreneurs tends to do it all, all by themselves.

Some friends on social media calls me "Superwo-mom", maybe they were amazed on how I was able to handle all those roles that I am playing on a daily basis. I am not  "Darna", there are some areas in my life that needs to be worked on, and I am carefully planning and working on it.

Sometimes being 'overly' passionate in something is not healthy anymore, and all it takes is a little planning to survive and achieve that Work-Life balance.

Here are some JLofied survival tips for mompreneurs out there:

Playing with the Kids at the Shop

1. Tell clients upfront that you have a corporate day job, work after a certain hour, and answer emails, messages at a certain time.

2. Create a kid-friendly workspace. Set up an area where they can do crafts or do their assignments and projects while you are working.

"Ding ang Bato!" DARNA!

3. You are only Human. Work hard, do what you can, but at the end of the day remind yourself that you are human and not a super hero.

4. Take a Step Back. Let your business grow at a slower pace.

5. Make lists, and more lists. Never go out without your power planner / organizer.

6. Practice the 80/20 rule. You don't need to keep up to all your customers. There will always be tomorrow and learn to say No.

7. Maximize the use of technology. Automate as much as possible.

8.  Maximize your time and get organized. Cure yourself of e-mail dependency. Switch it off when you don't want to be distracted. Allocate yourself set times daily to focus on it.

9. Develop speed skills.

10. Delegate with confidence. Ask your self if you need to do that job, if you're answer is no look for someone else who could have and would have done that job. Hiring a virtual assistant could be an example. 

Are you ready to be one? It takes a lot of hard work but it can be rewarding. Follow your dreams, follow your heart and avoid procastination. Do it now!

In case it will not turn out right as the way your expect it, don't worry experience is already a form of success in itself.