The Cavinti Eco - Adventure Tour #CavEAT 2015 : 20 Awesome Things To Do, Explore and Discover in Cavinti (Part 2 of 2)

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There are many ways to enjoy the serene  town of Cavinti, whether you are opt for an adventure, bond with the family or just simply commune with nature.

Before I give you my JLofied list of the 20 awesome things to do, explore and discover in Cavinti, let me invite you to travel with me in Cavinti by watching this video  from Rom Factolerin of Pelikula Padayon.

1. Trek and Rappel at Pueblo El Salvador Adventure Trail
     Are you brave enough and physically fit to accept this kind of adventure? Be prepaerd as the trekking, rappeling and climbing steep metal ladders will put the "adventurer in you" to a test. I'm taling about knees shaking and some bone breaking adventure for someone who is 40 like me. Physically tiring, yet mentally and spiritually rewarding.

     The Pueblo El Salavador is an alternate route to reach the majestic Cavinti Falls (a.k.a. Magdapio Falls, known as Pagsanjan Falls). The first 15-minute downhill concrete-paved walk is just the beginning of the adventure, and then the best is yet to come. Steep metal ladders and more steep ladders willl be your guide as you enjoy the beauty of nature. Looking for an adrenalin rush? The 90 degrees vertical rappeling is one hell of an experience that you will never tire of proudly telling to your friends "been there, done that!".
Dems Angeles braving the 90 degrees rappel
Photo Credit : Azrael Colladilla
2. Experience the Mighty Cavinti Falls
   But wait, theres more! After the trekking and rappeling, get wet and experience the water-storm inside the cave. That feeling of oneness with nature is truly remarkable and I can't find no words to describe that feeling. Truly a must try experience that you shouldn't miss.

    In dream analysis, dreaming of waterfalls means cleansing and a new beginning. You might be getting a fresh start on life. And that's exactly what I felt after that experience. It felt like   I'm renewed and ready to face new challenges again, like climbing back the El Pueblo Salvador Grounds through the 90 degrees metal ladder. hahaha!
The Majestic Cavinti Falls

3. Catch the Sunset at Lumot Lake
   Most people believe and I also do that   sunset is beautiful and romantic. That is  why lots of locals and tourists pass by the area to catch the sunset. We've seen young couples dating at this part of the lake. So bring out the poet in you and express your love with someone while watching the sunset.

“Dusk is just an illusion because the sun is either above the horizon or below it. 

And that means that day and night are linked in a way 
that few things are there cannot be one without the other 
yet they cannot exist at the same time. 
How would it feel I remember wondering to be always together yet forever apart?”
- Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook 
     I'm getting emo here, and this  reminds me to get back to poetry writing again.

Photo Credit : Azrael Coladilla

4. Photography at Cavinti Old Spillway
   OOTD anyone? Love to pose? Are you a photo hobbyist? If you answer yes to any one of those questions, then you'll simply love the Cavinti Old Spillway as a background of your next masterpiece.
Photo Credit : Resly George Amador

5. Shoot your own Music Video at Camarin Resort
     The Napocor Camarin Resort & Eco Park is also located along the shore of Caliraya Lake. It nestled a Pavilion, Executive Cottate, Twin- Cabanas, Conferences and Seminar Halls and various indoor and outdoor recreational facilities.

     The hanging bridge is the perfect spot for your next music video. I've been dreaming to have my own music video and maybe really soon I'll come up with one! haha!  Check out this video from Ross of Wazz up Pilipinas!

6. Fishing at Lago Fishing Village
    They said that fishing relieves stress, it gets you away from the bustle of everyday life. 

   Lago Fishing Village Resort boasts its over 5 hectares of fishing space, with many different fish species in the lagoon including Tilapia, Kanduli, Toman, Paku, Tarpon, Pangaseus, Carp, Baramundi, Florida Bass, and Peacock Bass. Guests can also enjoy a natural pool where they can relax.

    Lago Fishing Village Resort and Restaurant
    West Talaongan, Cavinti, Laguna
    788-3932 / 401-3828 / 0917-531-3968
Lago Fishing Village Resort

7. Picnic at  Bumbungan Eco - Park
    Bumbungan Eco-Park is not that famous to tourists. Even my husband who hails from Pakil, Laguna is not familiar with Bumbungan falls. According to the Cavinti Tourism Office, there are more than a hundred falls located in Cavinti and there are still more waiting to be explored. Entrance fee is only 10 pesos per person. Picnic huts can also be rented for only 150 pesos. Perfect family bonding activity with the kids.
8. Learn the Art of Pandan Weaving at Kalakal Pandan Weaving Center
    Cavinti is the home of world's largest pandan mat, weaved painstakingly by an all-women cooperative. The Weaving Center is located near the town's basketball court; up front is the coop display center.
Cavinti Toursim Officer, Ms Nitz and one of ladies of the cooperative

9. Eat Tinuto and Pinais
    Cavinti Mayor Oliveros is our host during the #CavEAT Cavinti Eco-Tourism Tour and we spent the night at his vacation house known with the locals as "Villa Oliveros". We were served two Cavinti  dishes, "Tinuto" and "Pinais".

     Tinuto is a variant of laing famous in Laguna and Quezon made from gabi leaves cooked with coconut milk while Pinais is another dish made from shrimp and coconut milk. I am familiar with Tinuto because my mother in law cooks this dish also especially during Holy Week. Pakil's tinuto version is very much like the laing we know but Cavinti's version is wrapped in gabi leaves.

10. See a Rainbow at Cavinti Church Belfry
      The rainbow was not only a promise from God that He would never destroy the earth with a flood again, but it was a reminder. And a better way to appreciate a rainbow is through the Cavinti Church Belfry.

"The Bell"

11. Play Golf at Caliraya Springs Golf Course
       My first time to try this sport. I have a limited understanding about the game, just swing and hit the ball, that's all I know. A golf master from the Caliraya Springs Golf Course (Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort - Golf Course) will teach you the basic  such as how to grip the club, how to stand over the golf ball, how the swing the golf club etc. "Ok! Suko ako!" , it's not my cup of tea. Patience is really virtue for this kind of game, but for golf lovers out there, this is a haven for you.
Photo Credit : Azrael Coladilla
12. Team Building at Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort
      There are more than 32 attractions that will awaken your fun-filled weekend and adventurous side at Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort. Looking for you next team building venue? Then this might be the perfect venue you have been looking because it has the only In-Water Obstacle Course in the country today.

       Here are the attractions that awaits you at Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort - Fishing Village / Lake Cruise Boat / Swimming Pool / Kayak / Paddle Boat / Banana Boat / Jetski / Bass Boat with Captain / Trekking / Horseback Riding / Camping / Trampoline / Lamb Feeding / Duck Feeding / Parallel Bicycle / Bike Trail / Zipline / Hanging Bridge / Slide and Drop / Wall Climb Slide / Tire Challenge / Cable Balance / Karate Kid / Tarzan Swing / Military Crawl / Log Crossing / Horseback Course / Palo Sebo / Scrabble / Darts / Billiards / Chess

      Oh and don't forget their signature Dory dishes from La Cucina de Caliraya.
      Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort
      723-0781 to 88 / 0998-9893832 / 0998-5558394 / 0917-8578268
Oh Oh Leo enjoys Kayaking

13.  Enjoy the Country Side View, Flora and Fauna 
       Falll in love with nature over and over again. Who could not resist the greeneries of this serene town. A paradise to people who want to experience peace and tranquility and for sleepy heads like me.

Photo Credit : Mike Laagan

14. Watch the Cavinti International Water Sports Olympics

15. Explore the Cavinti Underground Underground River and Cave Complex
      I don't have a first hand experience about the Cavinti Underground River and Cave Comples, so I cannot have a detaied description about my experience there. During the #CavEAT, we were not able to explore the place because the Toursim Office did not allow us for safety reasons. It was raining continously days  before our travel and so it is not safe for tourist. 

       Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex, I will be back for you really soon!
      Break away and give the malls a break. Be amaze and explore the wonders of Cavinti.
Photo Credit : Metro Deal
16.  Boat Pasyal Around Caliraya Lake

       It has been 15 years since I have a first glimpse of Caliraya Lake. Technically, it was my first official out of town date with hubby. <naks!> Check out the other resorts surrounding the lake and enjoy the sceneries with your friends. The ride will take you about 30 minutes or sometimes other "boatmen" offers 1 hour tour for you to fully enjoy the lake.

17. Meet Celebrities 
      If you stroll around this calm and peaceful town, you'll get a chance to meet or literally bump one of Cavinti's pride,  Rence Lee Rapanot, The Voice Philippines Season 2 Semi finalist (as of this writing). 21 year-old Rence Lee is an OPM singer and became a four chair turner on the second season blind auditions singing "Mateo Singko".
The #CavEAT bloggers with Rence Lee Rapanot
Photo Credit : Azrael Coladilla
18.  Learn about Yamashita at the Japanese Garden
       The Japanese Garden in Cavinti is a memorial park built by Japanese in the 70's in order to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died during the Second World War. I heard that it is also the burial site of General Yamashita of the "Yamashita treasure", which makes me think, "Andun din kaya nakatago ang mga hidden treasures?"
Photo Credit : Azrael Coladilla

19.  Duck feeding at Caliraya Lake Mountain Resort
        When i was a child, I am afraid of ducks, "feeling ko parating habol ng habol sakin. It's fun naman pala." 
Photo Credit : Resly George Amador
20. Make a documentary and help Philippine Tourism
    If you have the talent in videography/photography/editing, why not help promote Philippine Tourism and show the world the beauty of Philippines and the Filipino people.

For  Cavinti Eco-Tourism Adventure Tour Packages, please contact :

Herald C. Bebis


About Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour (#CavEAT  )

The #CavEAT is a Tourism Advocacy Campaign organized for the Municipality of Cavinti, Laguna that was held last January 10-11, 2015.

The #CavEAT tour aims to :

      1. promote eco-tourism in Cavinti 
     2. encourage  local and foreign tourists to visit and explore the natural wonders of the  municipality. 
      3. generate online buzz for the upcoming Cavinti Water Sports Olympics : 1st International Competition happening on February 8-14, 2015 .   

The #CavEAT is organized by Herald C. Bebis for the Municipality of Cavinti headed by     Hon.Mayor Milbert Oliveros, fully supported by the following:

     2. DigitalFIlipino
     3. Pelikula Padayon
     5. Camarin Resort
     6. Lago Fishing Village