What a POPtastic Celebration : SYKES Year-End Celebration

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Everyone is in full party mode last Christmas which is one reason why December is the busiest but the best month of the year. With all the party preparations during the holidays, the "party planners" must be the most stressed person/employee during the season. Oh I'm sure I can tell you why. 

Company parties here and there and some times you even hop from one party to another. Although some companies decided to keep it simple (like ours!), there were still some decided to make sure that their employees will have something to look forward to every December. And one of these companies is SYKES.

SYKES ends a great year with a POPTASTIC celebration

Ever since SYKES pioneered the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines, it has become one of the most popular choices of career-seekers. And with the industry growing to unprecedented heights, SYKES has definitely started a popular career movement in this country.

And this is what SYKES POPTASTIC 2014 highlights, the company’s annual Year-End Celebration (YEC) held last December 14 at the SMX Convention Center. POPTASTIC boasted of last song syndrome-inducing music, big prizes, vibrant performances and SYKES employees sporting pop-inspired attire.

It was hosted by the funny and playful Boys Night Out trio of Sam YG, Toni Tony and Slick Rick together with TV show host Karen Pamintuan.

Boys Night Out has been one of the hottest radio shows for the past eight years, and the group has been nominated as Yahoo Philippines’ best radio program for three years in a row. Pamintuan headlines Listed, now on its third season and continues to be Lifestyle Network’s flagship and lifestyle authority program.

SYKES Vice President for Philippine Operations Dean Van Ormer says they really leave no stone unturned when it comes to mounting their YEC. “The YEC is already a part of the SYKES calendar – something that our employees look forward to every year. And we make sure it is worth their wait.”

Opening the show are SYKES employees letting it loose to the melody of the year’s biggest pop hits. The highly anticipated and competitive dance competition also featured employees from SYKES’ different business units grooving to different Korean Pop tunes and costumes, adding color and quirk to the festivities.

SYKES Senior Management Leaders Van Ormer, Senior Operations Director Marc Guison and Operations Director Kenneth Juarez also surprised everyone with a performance of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, showcasing Western Pop’s signature swag and savvy style.

And the POPTASTIC highlight is none other than Ely Buendia, widely regarded as one of the most respected Pinoy music icons and biggest pop rock act in the country. He thrilled everyone with his rendition of timeless hits such as Ang Huling El Bimbo, Alapaap and Magasin and currently performs as guitarist and lead vocalist for Pupil and The Oktaves.

Included in the program are the recognition of the 10-year and 15-year service awardees, and the employee club of the year. More than P1.5 Million worth of prizes was also given away to ecstatic raffle draw winners.

Around 6,000 employees were in attendance, and held simultaneously with SYKES Cebu’s own Year-End Celebration held at the J. Convention Center.

SYKES Director for Branding and Communications Cecile Moreno-Venancio says the YEC is an opportunity for the company to showcase the culture of support it is very much proud of. “In a company as big as ours, we make the most out of every chance we get to interact with our people who make the company’s daily operations productive and smooth.” She adds, “We only get to do this once a year, so we make sure that they all feel valued.”

Van Ormer underscores POPTASTIC celebrates the massive growth of the seeds SYKES planted way back in 1997. “There were no call centers then, but SYKES was already here breaking new ground.  The BPO industry is now very, very big – POP in all ways imaginable. It is already something that is enjoyed and appreciated by a very big number of people, and SYKES is very proud to have started it all.”