Na B.I. ako sa Balai Ilocos : 3 Tempting Reasons to Try Balai Ilocos in Pagsanjan, Laguna

Na B.I. na ako!

We recently discovered a  newly opened Ilocano specialty restaurant in Pagsanjan, Laguna. The place is called Balai Ilocos.  It's a given, expect authentic Ilocano dishes like bagnet, pinakbet, longganisa, igado etc..  Yes I admit, I am carnivorous :-), so having a bagnet on their menu is something I am looking forward to.

Two Thumbs up for Customer Service

It's Valentine's Day and decided to try B.I. first for lunch before heading to Cavinti for the last day of the Cavinti International Water Sports Olympics. I am expecting a lot of people since it is Valentine's day, and so I thought that having a table reserved for us is a good idea. I texted them for a reservation and received a call after a few minutes to confirm my reservation for a table of 6. Impressive "plus pogi points" for customer service.

We arrived at the place with a feeling of someone is really expecting and waiting for us. That same feeling when my in-laws were already waiting for us at our gate every time we are scheduled to visit them once or twice a month in Pakil.

I can only say good words in terms of  customer service for B.I. The  all-male staff, from the parking attendant, to the waiters to the chef up to their owner who happens to be a Bangladesh National but very Filipino "sa isip, sa salita at sa gawa" will make your B.I experience truly memorable.

with Balai Ilocos owner, Bangladesh National with a Filipino heart, Mr. Francesco Miguel

Familia Gana lakwatsera

The Menu

We ordered the following : (1) Di makakalimutang Mechado; (2) Sinigang ni Maximo; (3) Bagnet; and (4) Pinakbet. The food is great but do not expect something that has a twist to it or something to rave about. The experience of having it home cooked straight from your grandmother's kitchen is really something to look forward too. Did I just said na "di ko makalimutan yung mechado?". It truly lives up to its name.

If you have guests who's been craving for Filipino dishes, then this is the place to be.

The Place

I am really a fan of themed restaurants, so I will be biased with this review. :-) The "house" reminded me of our old house before. I can still remember that big capiz windows, old photos, fine antique plates, mason jars and  narra furniture. You can really feel the "past" in the interior.

The place is also  a nice backdrop for a photo sesh and I love that idea of the photo wall which will make you really feel at home. The homey feeling doesn't  makes you feel like a customer but   as a  "bisita" or guest of honor.

I love materials made form wood and the narra dining sets and cabinets makes me drool. 

I will definitely be back soon and bring my foodie friends with me. To  know more about Balai Ilocos, check their contact details below :

Address : #760 JP Rizal St., Pagsanjan, Laguna
Contact Details : 0917-5819041 / (049) 501-0828
Opens : 10:00 am - 9:30 pm



How To Protect Your Face from Sun Damage using Heliocare Oil-Free Compact from Skin Philosophie

Outdoor activities are lined up in the next 3 months and as the summer is fast approaching, I should be ready this time to avoid the skin damages on my face I had last year after spending a wonderful family vacation in Bohol.

I heard about Photoaging only last month after my initial consultation with Dra. Kyla Talens of Skin Philosophie. Photoaging is attributed to continuous, long-term exposure to harmful rays of the sun. Dr Kyla stressed the importance of sunblock with at least an SPF 50 to protect my skin from the harmful UV rays.

I am not really a fan of beauty products and just  by hearing the word "sunblock", I thought that she will prescribe me a lotion or cream based sunblock that I need to apply on my face regularly. I have an oily face and I am not really sure if this will help me or it may just be another lotion or cream available in the market which makes you feel oily.

To my surprise, she introduced me to Heliocare Oil-Free Compact SPF50. It's actually a make-up foundation and sun protection all in one. Designed for oily and blemish-prone skins like mine, it evens out the skin tone but dries matte to ensure that skin never looks greasy which I really  love.

The Heliocare Oil-Free Compact SPF50 can be used alone or in conjunction with your other make-up products. I am using my Heliocare Oil-Free Compact SPF50 as my foundation and I rarely use my pressed powder  because it already leaves my skin looking fresh and natural.

The Heliocare Oil-Free Compact SPF50 is ultra-smooth, oil-free and non-comedogenic.

"Noncomedogenic", sounds too scientific to me. I heard Dr. Kyla used this word several times during our consultation  and so I made a research. Noncomedogenic is  a term applied to oils, lotions, and skin care products that do not block pores. Now I got her point, this kind of product will reduce the incidence of pimples because it do not clog the pores unlike others.

What's inside my Kikay Kit? Salicyclic 2% Facial Wash by Skin Philosphie /
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Oakley Jackie O' Shades

Dr. Kyla advised me to apply in the morning to complete my usual skincare routine and to re-apply every hour during periods of high sun exposure.

The 10gm Oil-Free Compact comes in two tones - Fair and Light.

I really like this product because it saves me time and money. I highly recommend it and I will buy again, which reminds me to re-order now. 

Where to buy / How to Order
The Fort Strip 3rd Level 28th St. cor 7th Ave, BGC, Taguig City

Heliocare Advanced Oil-Free Compact SPF50 10g - 

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