How To Easily Keep Track of Your Finances using the Money Kit

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Thank you for visiting this blog. I am sure that you came across this blog post because you really want to start a new life in terms of handling your finances. And to help you get started with your goals, a  Money Management System is available in the market today to help you :

1. How to SAVE
2. How to Budget
3. Get Our of Debt
4. Invest 

You don't need to be an accounting or finance graduate to be able to understand the system. It is simple, clear and doable.

Photo Credit : www.moneykit.com.ph

Commit yourself to change, including the way you  think about money - Chinkee Tan

Photo Credir : www.moneykit.com.ph

The Money Kit is composed of :

  • Chink Positive Money Kit Manual
  •     A guide that will help you to navigate in the step-by-step process on how to start your financial journey to become financially literate and debt-free.
  • Chink Positive Debt Repayment Plan Worksheet
  •   This will help you to choose different debt reduction strategies, including identifying the highest debt and when you can be debt free.
  • Chink Positive Accordion Folder
  •     This allows you to organize and divide monthly expenses
  • Chink Positive Financial Obligation Worksheet
  •     This helps you to prioritize your spending and focus on the needs and removes the wants in life.
  • Chink Positive Expenditure Envelope
  •     This allows you to keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly expenses – for you to know how much you have spent within a month in a glance.
  • Chink Positive Saving Envelope
  •    This allows you to have the financial discipline to get started in saving even with whatever little you have.
  • Chink Positive Investment Envelope
  •     This system will allow you to set and achieve your financial goals in order to make your money grow.
  • Budgeting Software
  •     This is a full automated software that allows you to (a) edit the item, base on your personal needs and preference (b) keep track of your monthly, semi-annual or annual expense (c) to know how much you are earning on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis (d) to be able to know if you are living within or beyond your means.
  • Chink Positive DVD Guide
  •    Chinkee Tan’s video that can help you and guide you on your personal journey.
  • Till Debt Do Us Part Book
  •    This is a book by Mr. Chinkee Tan which has sold over 100,000 copies that help people on the basics of saving, budgeting,  getting / staying out of debt and investing.
    The Money Kit costs Php2,500 but when you order it now, you can have a Chinkee Tan's other books for FREE.

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