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I Know What They Did Last Summer : Eagle's Point Resort, Anilao, Batangas

Love it or hate it? 

It still puzzles me up to now why ratings and reviews for this resort were contradicting. If you will read and analyze the reviews of travelers from different travel sites like trip advisor, 50% gave a rate of 1 while the other 50% gave a  positive review of 5. I was curious and I did my own research before booking the resort for our department team building.  There was  a part of me that was so excited to visit the place by just looking all those awesome photos online, while a part of me wanted to back out because of the bad reviews I read.

Now I'm blaming myself for watching too much Brain Games, How to Win and Hacking the System of Nat Geo. I've been thinking a lot about perception and why people tend to like something while the others do the opposite.

Sunset at EPR

Yes, this is a review based on our experience at Eagle Point Diving Resort located in Anilao, Batangas which is 3 to 4 hours away from Manila.


Booking with EPR is easy by calling  their Makati Office. An Account Executive will be gladly to assist you, however a 50% downpayment is required to confirm the reservation. You can pay the downpayment either in the form of cash or you can use your credit card for a smooth and easy transaction. 

 If you want to visit the place during summer, book as early as January to February.
MAKATI SALES OFFICEGround floor, Cacho Gonzalez Bldg. 101 Aguirre cor. Trasierra
Sts., Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines
Telephone: +63 2 8133553
Fax/Ph: +63 2 8133560
Mobile: +63 9175625223
Checking in at the main lobby

How to Get There

Address : Bo. Balagangit, Anilao, Mabini, Batangas
Go south on the South Expressway (SLEX)
Take the STAR Tollway to Batangas City
Cross  Manila-Batangas Highway and go onto Diversion Road towards Batangas International Por
Turn right under over-pass onto Batangas-Balayan Highway towards Bauan
Turn left after Manghinao Bridge, Bauan towards Mabini,
Turn right on Mabini rotunda towards Anilao.
Turn left on coastal road in anilao towards Barrio Bagalangit.
Turn right on EAGLE POINT RESORT private road

The long and winding road to EPR

There are 2 parking lots there. The first one is designated for tourist buses and the second one is for private or smaller vehicles. From the parking lot, guests will be transferred to a shuttle (jeep) going to the main resort entrance for only an experienced driver can take you safely to its main resort. The ride going to the main resort is an adventure by itself and is like riding a roller coaster from Disneyland. Ok, I was just exaggerating, but the ride going to EPR is fun. But  I'm not quite  sure if our lolos or lolas will love that kind of adventure.


Our  2,650 package per pax  includes the following :
   - an over night stay at the Terrace Hotel - Superior Room (Sea View)
   - family style Lunch and Dinner
   - buffet breakfast

Expensive or Affordable? That is the question. 

The hotel room that was assigned to us can comfortably accommodate 4 guests. It has a standard hotel amenities like LED TV, Cable, Air-conditioning unit, 2 queen size bed, mini ref (no bar), telephone and a veranda overlooking the Balayan Bay. It has a  spacious shower with amenities like shampoo, soap and towels.

But please manage your expections. Even though EPR is boasting  being a luxury destination, do not expect 5 star hotel like towels in your room. There was no wifi, no hair dryer and no coffee and tea making facility.

But I think it does not matter because they did good job on the room and it passed my "mapanuring mata" :-). The room was clean with modern mediterranean interiors and a fair amount of space to walk around and have a drinking session with friends.

 Party! Party!


The Eagle's Nest Restaurant and Bar occupies the main floor mezzanine of the main building . It has a nice interior and I  love that the tables had great views of the breath taking sea. 

JLo at the Eagle's Nest Restaurant waiting for our food

Now here comes my negative reviews about the food. 

We arrived at 11:00am and were served orange juice as welcome drinks. Since the check in time is at 2:00 pm, we decided to have our lunch first. There were a lot of people checking in at the same and there were like  four  big call center companies having their team building   which needs to be accommodated and to be served lunch all at the same time.  

Welcome Drinks

The manager told me that our lunch will be served at 12:30, unfortunately our  food were served around 1:15 pm and yes we were so hungry at that time. I  told myself that the food should be worth the wait and I am imagining myself eating while looking at the breath taking view in front of me. But it did not happened and I was disappointed.

The beef and squid were  so tough as in tough that you cannot chew it  anymore. My supervisor jokingly asked  me "Gusto mong bubble gum?".

But wait there's more! There was a "bangaw" snorkeling on the beef's sauce on  my husband's plate.

I immediately reported the incident  to the F&B Manager, he said that the chef will prepare a special meal to replace the "bangaw" infested plate. It's 2 pm and it's taking a long time to prepare that special meal, the F&B Manager then suggested to get food from the buffet table which I agreed.

The food is just ok but nothing to rave about.

Again, I called again the F & B Manager and asked what we can do about the tough beef and squid issue. I told him that my bosses were not satisfied with the food at all. I asked him if he can just make our dinner special. 

They kept their promise and there were a lot of food during dinner. The food is decent and delicious but nothing grand.  

And there was darkness. There was a power interruption while we are having dinner and it took them  time to set-up their power generator.  It seems that the staff were  all used to the power interruptions. Madalas siguro mag brown out sa EPR.

Dinner at Eagle's Nest Restaurant

Activities / Facilities

After reading some reviews of those who gave a rating of 1  about EPR, I asked myself "bakit nga ba 1 lang at bakit sila disappointed din sa facilities?" . I think I know now the answer, it is just a matter of expecting too much for the price you pay. 

Few days before we leave for EPR, I told my office mates to manage their expectations. EPR is a diving site so do not expect a sandy white beach where you can lay down and watch the sunset while reading your favorite book while sipping a glass of smoothies.

Do not go here if you don't feel like snorkling, diving or kayaking or you'll end up doing nothing. Tip : Do not forget to bring your aqua shoes and snorkle.

Snorkling with husband Mark
Syokoy ba kamo?

Swimming at the Reef. 
The Swimming Pool

The 9 ft Reef Pool for practice diving.
 We did not try it tho' because  it is dark down under, and we are afraid of 3 baby sharks who lives there.
It's just  like a big aquarium. I'm not sure if it's meant to be like that, " medyo nandiri ako kasi madulas dulas."

The Sepoc Beach Center

Sepoc Beach Center in owned and operated by EPR as its  annex recreation facility. It takes a  20 minute boat ride from the main resort and hotel. I recommend 

I recommend you to visit the the beach resort if you are looking for that "summery beach" feeling you are looking for in a Batangas resort. 

We really enjoyed our stay here at Sepoc Beach and I suggest you visit in the morning from 8 to 11 am.

Excited to know what we did last summer at Eagle's Point Resort? Watch our highlight video here.