Ito ang Gusto Ko! : PETA's 3 Stars and a Sun

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Kuya Bodjie enters the theater and brings out an old transistor and  a piece of crumpled paper with a drawing of the Philippine National Flag and  said "Tumayo tayong lahat para sa Pambansang Awit Ng Pilipinas."

"Magsisimula  na ng show.", I said to myself. 

Kuya Bodjie then turn on his old transistor and leads the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. "What? Wala bang budget ang PETA at ng maayos ayos naman na National Anthem ang ginamit o pwede naman syang mag acapella nalang?"

While singing the Philippine National Anthem, a group of people in white enters the theater and started shouting at us "Bawal yan dito! Tigilan nyo na yan!".

And then I realized, the show already started and we are part of the show.

That moment, I asked myself "Titigil ba ako o tuloy sa pagkanta?"

But the louder they get, the louder I sing the Philippine National Anthem. Then I begun to cry and ended the song with pride, "Ang mamatay ng dahil sa 'yo...."

Ang sakit pala ng pakiramdam ng pagbawalang kang ipakita ang pagka-Pilipino mo. Is that how it feels to have no freedom? No freedom to sing what you want to sing? No freedom to do the things that you want to do? No freedom to say the words that you want to say? It hits me, bulls eye!"

Credit : PETA Theater Center

The Music

The music of Francis M. is undeniably good. It is like a poem with a deep message. It will touch your soul if you will just listen through your heart to its every phrase, every line and every word.

The lullabye version of " Kaleidoscope World"  is really touching. The message is clear, we live in a complex world but there are things that can tie us for who we are today.
Every color and every hue

Is represented by me and you

Take a slide in the slope

Take a look in the kaleidoscope

Spinnin' round, make it twirl

In this kaleidoscope world
Credit : PETA Theater Center

Another song that strikes me most is "Life Goes By". I remember using this phrase "in just a blink of an eye" in my poems back in the '90s. I love this scene. I like how they throw their lines while rapping. Did I just said rap?

When trials stone

Will you think straight?

When you were young,

In the dark, weren't you afraid?

Did you play? In the showered rain
Did you play all day,
Did your clothes have muddy stains
But now you're on your own, you think you own the world
But now you're on your grown up, you try to use the big words
You try to solve it because you think you can
The less you know, the more you understand and think that
Life goes by,
Life goes by
In just a blink of an eye
Life goes by,
Life goes by,
In just a blink of an eye

Another song that you should watch out for is the Tagalog version of "Cold Summer Nights".  The music is brilliantly arranged by Mike Salomon. He is also responsible to the success of Rak of Aegis. Genius indeed.

The Actors

The show is headlined by the likes of  Paolo Valenciano, Gio Gahol, Nicco Manalo, Gold Villar, Che Ramos - Cosico, Carla Guevarra - Laforteza, Bodjie Pascua, Raffy Tejada, Giannina Ocampo, and Justine Peña.

They are all great actors, singers, dancers and performers all in one. 

The Story

Picture muna sa Photo Wall before the show.
Feeling close with Chino - Paolo Valenciano

"PETA's 3 Stars and a Sun.May kurot sa puso. Gigising ang pagiging Pilipino mo." - JLofied