The Mystical Sumucab Twin Falls

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“Tatlong bundok at walong ilog ang aking tinawid, tatlong limatik din ang walang awang nanamantala ng aking katawan, marating ka lamang!”

I posted this on my IG a few days ago during our #CavEAT exploration together with some of my blogger friends. When I was invited to join this eco-tourism event, I readily said Yes without any hesitations. I guess I’ve been watching too much travel shows from Travel Channel that’s why I am very curious what and how it feels like trekking on a virgin tropical and swampy forest. Episodes from “Globe Trekker Asia” and “Pacific” were flashing in my mind and it looks fun to me. Now, as I write this post, I realize that I am after for the challenge more than the fun part of it. I’m nearly on my mid-40s and there is still this hunger in me to try things I could have done two decades ago.

So I packed my backpack and head to Cavinti, Laguna. 

Cavinti is a third class municipality in the province of Laguna. It is situated on the eastern side of the province of Laguna.The town is bounded by the municipality of Lumban in the north, Sampaloc and Mauban Quezon in the east, Pagsanjan in the west, and by Luisiana in the south. It has 19 barangays which include the Brgy Sumucab where you can find the mystical Sumucab Twin Falls.

Photo Credit : Herald Bebis 

Challenge accepted

Passing through several rice fields and coconut plantations, the trek started well until we entered the forest area.  (This trail does not have a name yet so let’s just call it the “Sumucab Trail”) Along the way, thick, wet and slippery mud due to intermittent rainfall will test your flexibility, endurance, balance and your willingness to stay alive. We walk barefooted to avoid slipping down and to have control over our balance from the muddy and rocky trail.  There were some areas that the mud is almost knee deep and your slippers, no matter what brand, is nothing compared to the almost “quicksand” quality of the soft mud.

During the trek, you will be greeted by various bugs such as ants, spiders and the most popular of ‘em all, the “limatik”. I should have known this earlier so I can wear leggings instead of wearing shorts.

After two hours of trek, the Twin falls of Sumucab welcomed us with its splendid beauty.   

A hidden gem

Like any treasure hunting stories we have seen in the movies, all the treasures were hidden and only the brave the brightest and the deserving can only witness the hidden and rarest gems. The waterfalls giggles excitedly on its journey across its rough rock path. It feels that the “twins” were very happy to see us.

We had our lunch while admiring the beauty of the twins. A sumptuous lunch of chicken adobo, fried tilapia and shrimp okoy was prepared for us by the locals, enough to nourish our tired body.

And finally, we immersed ourselves in the icy cold water and ran like a child into its mothers’ arms. The refreshing water energized us and prepared us for our next journey.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing, so as the song goes.

We took the “river trail” expecting that it will be a lot easier and faster. I crossed eight rivers, saw dead snakes, got bitten three times by limatik, experienced foot/leg cramps thrice, crawled under a fallen tree and perfected my balancing act on the various rocks and boulders in the river.

But I enjoyed this trail better than the “Sumucab trail”. I had fun waddling my feet in the cold yet calm river. I even managed to pose for the camera knowing that I made it this far.

How to get there:

1. Ride Sta. Cruz Laguna bound DLTB or HM Transit Bus in Buendia Terminal or Cubao Terminal
2. Bus fare to Sta. Cruz, Laguna is Php 140-150 pesos (air-con bus)
3. Drop off at HM / GreenStar Transport terminal
3. Ride a jeep going to Sta. Cruz market and from there ride the Lumban-Cavinti Jeep
4. Ride a tricycle going to the town proper 

Reminder :
1. It is very dangerous to visit the Twin Falls without any local guide. Register first with the tourism office and ask for an accredited guide.
2. Make sure you are physically fit before the trek. 
3. Always bring and apply mosquito repellant lotion
4. Wear hiking shoes or sandals. The trek requires your body to be on top condition because there is a lot of walking.
5. Have something to refuel your body and have it placed on a back-pack during hiking/trekking.
6. Wear  hat to protect your head and skin.
7. Wear leggins as much as possible. You need to protect your lower body from getting scratched and sliced by grass. Also to protect you from mosquitoes and limatik.
8. In case, bring pain reliever tablet to help soothe your body from aches after all those strenuous activities.