JongLo Korean Restaurant : A Taste of Korea in Malate

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You don't need to go to South Korea to taste authentic Korean food and experience how it feels like wearing a Hanbok, a traditional Korean dress characterized by vibrant colors. 

Just last weekend, we had a taste of Korea in a restaurant called Jonglo Korean Restaurant, which is one of the many Korean restaurants you can find along Malate. The place is also surrounded by other Korean restaurants, cafes and groceries which you can actually feel that you are transported in another country just by walking along the streets.

Jonglo Korean Restaurant in Malate
But what makes this restaurant really exceptional is that you can dress up and wear those colorful Hanbok which you can find on the second floor of the restaurant. There were a lot to choose from so you can bring out that "fashionista" in you. We really had fun dressing up especially if you are a K Drama fan and "nilamon na ng sistema ng Korean Drama", I really recommend you to try this restaurant.

Picture Picture muna ng #FamiliaGanaLakwatser 

Bawal kumain kapag suot ang Hanbok, pictorial lang eto.
Another "pop na pop" thing about this restaurant is the food. The food was really great and filing. We love the Japchae, Bulgogi and Ramyeong. It is also very affordable. But unlike other Korean buffet where you will be the one to grill your samgyeopsal, they will be the one to prepare it which is not a big deal for me.

The place is small and can be crowded during dinner. We were just lucky that we went there at 11am and no guests yet so we were able to maximize our time in dressing up. 

See those shoes?
Here are more JLofied tips before you go

1. Be early. I suggest go there for early lunch.
2. Dress up first and have your photo shoot while waiting for the food you ordered. 
3. You are not allowed to eat while wearing your Hanbok, pang pictorial purposes lang talaga.
4. You have to reach  P350 per person to use the Handbok for free. 
5. You will be asked to leave your shoes, so make sure that hygiene is considered, para walang "paa-moy" :-)

Address : 1734 Jeorge Bacobo St., Malate, Metro Manila
Phone : (02) 525-7430
Open 24 hours