3 Enjoyable - Girl Bonding Ideas

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I love family vacations, spending quality time with your family is indeed precious. Even a romantic get-away with your spouse is ideal for a healthy marriage. 

But joggling different hats puts your sanity to a test. Life can be tough sometimes, and all you need to do is call your girlfriends to press that reset button, recharge that batteries and sing "Girls just wanna have fun!"

A simple get together for lunch or dinner will do, but if you find that boring, I've listed down 3 Enjoyable- Girl Bonding Ideas that you might consider.

Are you ready ladies?

1. Record a song together at a professional recording studio

I had a chance to do a recording session with my office mates at Studio Z Recording Studio few months ago. It has been a hell-week at that time, and so I gather the ladies at the office and asked them to do this session to get rid of our stress at work.

They had fun. We had fun. It's their first time to do this kind of activity, and I am so glad I asked them to do this instead of just hanging out at the mall.

Each of us recorded one song  and here's my cover of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors. Enjoy! :-)

2. Perform together

The practice itself before any performance is actually a good bonding activity. It also helps you become a good team player. If given the chance to perform with your friends, just do it. Go girls!

Here is a video of me (the lady in blue hoodie) performing with R, Z, and T. 

3. Travel with your girlfriends

Ladies-only travel groups are becoming popular these days. Whatever reason you have for traveling with your girlfriends is no longer a question. It does not matter whether you just want to celebrate life, do girl things like shopping, or just trying to escape from your routine with them. The more adventure, the more the fun, the more the memories.

JLo with my mga Kumares R and L

Are you ready for one? So grab that phone and call your girlfriends and start planning for your next bonding activity.


  1. can i have the contact details of Studio Z? how much is the rate?

    1. Studio Z
      Address: Panay Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
      Phone: (02) 416 6665

    2. They charge 1,000 per hour.

  2. What brilliant wonderful ideas for girl bonding. Specifically love the song recording, a little bit of both - memorable experience and a memorabilia to remember the event. Will call the girlfriends - thank YOU ❤️

  3. Travel makes me and my girlfriends bond a lot. And karaoke as well.

  4. tweaked the comment section already. Hope this goes througt. ;-)

  5. I’d love to record a song with my girlfriends but I can’t sing! Hahaha I mean I can sing, but it doesn’t sound good! Hahaha!

    Nice tips!😊

  6. During my University years my girls and I loved to go to bars and dance. Videoke bars were also one of our favorites. I couldn't sing but when everybody's a bit tipsy, it didn't matter at all.