5 Ways on How to Have a Memorable Dining Experience at K-Pub BBQ All You Can

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K-Pop ba ang trip mo?

Yes I love watching K-Dramas but at my age, I am not really into this K-Pop genre, but my kids do. As in super! BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, EXO, BTS and GOT7 to name a few. I've been hearing them singing GOT7's "Just Right" for like a thousand times already. Every line, every word, every ohohooohooohooohooo!, every nanananana...... is not just music to their ears but in their hearts as well.

So giving into their heart's desire, we had our lunch at K Pub BBQ : Meat all you can in Trinoma to celebrate my husbands' birthday. For 599 pesos per head on a weekend and holiday or 499 pesos on a weekday, you can order as many types of meat as you can.

Sulit o Hindi, that is the question. For me, it's "sulit" because aside from the delicious meals and our full tummies after dining, we were able to have a memorable dining experience.  

How did we do that? Here's how:

1. Sing your heart out  while watching music videos of your favorite K-Pop Group

If your tweener is into K-Pop, I am sure they will sing their hearts out singing Never Ever, As If It's Your Last and Blood Sweat and Tears. They might even dance to the beat!

2. Make them part of your celebration.

Inform the staff that you are celebrating something. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion or anything that is worth celebrating for. Let the K-Pub crew serenade you with their very entertaining song and dance number to the tune of Saengil Chukha Hamnida (Happy Birthday To You!). We really enjoyed their performance, it was really fun. You can see in their eyes that they are also really having fun performing and entertaining their guests.

Watch our video below:  

3. Avail of their Eat and Run: Unlimited Refill for 1-hour Promo

The Eat & Run (Beat the Clock) Package of K-Pub I guess is the most practical of all the packages they are offering. For 499 pesos, you can experience meat-all-you-can with unlimited servings of their 7 signature meat dishes (Samgyeopsal, Galbi and Bulgogi style dishes - Beef Sukiyaki, Pork Belly, Korean Style Bacon ( which is our favorite), Marinated Pork Belly in Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Marinated Pork Chop (my hubby's choice), Marinated Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce, and Marinated Chicken in Sweet Soy Sauce.

It also comes with steamed egg, kimchi-pajeo, steamed rice and kimchi fried rice, soup, house salad (which I also love), pizza, rice punch for dessert. It was a gastronomic experience for all us. 

4. Allow their staff to take photos of you, greet you on their 360 degrees video wall, and post on their FB page

K-Pub has a dedicated staff that acts as customer service representative that will interview guests, ask them if they are celebrating something, take their photos and greet them on their 360 degrees video wall. Of course they will ask permission from you first if you will allow them to post on their official FB page. Just say yes!

5. Simply enjoy dining with your loved ones.

Bring your family, friends, officemates and loved ones. Bata or matanda, K-Pop / K-Drama fan or not,  they will surely enjoy the dishes and the ambiance of the place. Oh and don't forget to avail your free Korean ice-cream after paying the bills.

K Pub BBQ Trinoma
Garden Restaurants Level 3
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
Hours : 11:00 am - 3:00 pm / 5:00 pm - 12:00 am

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  1. This is interesting. I'll consider this on my next birthday!