9 Things You Need to Know Before Going to Minalungao National Park

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Minalungao National Park is a protected area of the Philippines located in the municipality of General Tinio, Nueva Ecija in Central Luzon.

The park is considered as one of the few remaining natural environments in this region north of Manila. It is promoted by the local government as an ecotourism destination offering breath-taking scenery of green pristine river and unique rock formations. A system of unexplored subterranean caverns have also been identified as potential attractions. Facilities for picnics, swimming, fishing, raft riding and cliff diving have likewise been put up to draw more visitors

Interested? Before asking your friends to join you this weekend, here are some things that you should need to know before going to Minalungao National Park.

1. The river gets crowded at lunch time. Be sure to be at the park on or before 7 or 8am on a weekend or holiday.

2. There are a lot of areas perfect for photoshoot. Prepare your OOTD and get that IG-gramable perfect look.

3. Rent a balsa for 600 pesos for 4 hours. Each balsa can only accommodate max of 8 pax. Make sure your lunch is ready before riding the balsa to save time. Grilling in the balsa is no longer allowed.

4. Real life "the boat is sinking game". If you will be renting 2 balsas for 16 pax, make sure to master your balancing skills so you can go back and forth from one balsa to another

5. You can buy buko salad while swimming. For only 15 pesos, you can taste the famous ice candy of mamang magbubuko. Sigaw lang ng "Pabiling ice candy!"

6. The park features a steel hanging bridge.

7. And zipline that you can enjoy.

8. Clean as you go. With the influx of local tourist from Luzon, I'm worried that the river might be exploited in the years to come.

9. Very limited shower rooms. There will be a very long line in the shower room between 2 to 4 pm on a weekend. You need to make "igib igib" the tubig using tabo and balde in the big water container first. Your muscles will be put to a test.

Address : General Tinio, Nuueva Ecija
Phone : (056) 606-3352 / 0908-3678094