It's the Climb : Mt. Maculot Traverse (Grotto, Summit, Rockies) for Newbies

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20 January 2018 - Hubby and I started our 2018 with a bang. Instead of going to Baguio or chilling in Tagaytay, we started our 2018 with a hike.


Name: Mt. Maculot or Mt. Macolod
Location: Cuenca, Batangas
Height: Grotto (510 MASL) Summit (930 MASL) Rockies (706 MASL)
Trail Class: 1-3
Guide: Mandatory/Required


The climb kicked off at 6am going to the Grotto and is definitely harder than I thought. All the while, I was expecting that this climb is ideal for first-time climbers with a difficulty level of 2/9. I am not a newbie but I am not a hardcore either. All I just was is to enjoy this climb, meet new friends and more importantly, to get that IG worthy photos at the Rockies.

I really don't have any idea that the traverse part of the mountain has a difficulty level of 4/9.

Mt. Maculot is considered to be a minor climb but for first-timers, I suggest to start with a 2/9 trail difficulty level especially if you are not prepared and physically fit. Or you may opt just to the climb the Rockies and not do the traverse.

E paano na pag mag-tra-traverse pala kayo ng grupo?


Going to the Grotto will test your endurance. With barely no sleep and no breakfast at 6am, san ako pupulitin ngayon? Just during the first assault, I started to felt dizzy but thanked God I still managed to continue. So I pretend to pray every Station of the Cross just to take a quick rest while the younger ones continued with the hike as if they were just walking at the mall. 

We had our breakfast at the store near the Grotto and finally, I was able to recuperate.

Our guide mentioned that the hardest part is the trail going to Grotto compared to the trail going to the Summit. Maybe I need to ask him his definition of hard and easy or we may not be on the same page. I still managed to get a lot of photos during the assaults going to the Summit, so I guess he was right.

Finally arrived at the Summit at 11am. We took some photos, ate lunch and rest while enjoying the beauty of Taal in the background.

Hubby and I were happy to find new friends who are fun to be with. Dami kong tawa, mga tatlo! :-)
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For me, the trail going down the Rockies was the hardest part. I am glad that my little knowledge of rappelling and wall rock climbing came in handy.

Photo Credit: Jethro Salamo of
I am really excited about the Rockies. Ang totoo nyan, sa Rockies ko lang gustong magpunta. I am really looking forward to that one photo at the Rockies.

And finally, with determination, this hike ticked off the bucket list.

Presenting.... my buwis buhay shots at the Rockies.....

Despite being the eldest in this group composed of young professionals in their mid 20s, I still managed to catch up with them and victoriously finished this Level 4 of 9 hike without any harm.
Only 3 out of 13 had the courage to have this buwis buhay shot and that includes yours truly, while the others were trembling by just watching us posing for the cam.
Nakakatakot naman talaga, lalo na paglumalakas ang hangin. One wrong move and you're dead. Pero buo ang loob ko doing this. Di ko din alam bakit di ako natakot, slight lang.

Ako si JLo a-tapang a-tao!!!

Check out our video highlights of our Mt. Maculot hike.