Top 5 Reasons To Take an ACEtacation at ACE Hotel and Suites

There are countless reasons why we should take that well-deserved vacation.  But sometimes, due to financial limitations, it is better to take a staycation rather than a vacation.

Staycation ("stay and vacation") refers to a way of taking a break without leaving your home or your city.  It may involve day trips to local attractions and may or may not require overnight accommodations.

And if we wanted to take a break without breaking the bank,  there's always one hotel that comes to our mind --- ACEtaycation at ACE Hotel and Suites.

Why do we love ACE Hotel and Suites?   Here are our Top 5 Reasons.

1. ACE Water SPA - Hydrotherapy Massage

Number 1 on the list, of course, is ACE Water Spa.

Hydrotherapy massage is a kind of therapeutic massage that utilizes "Ultrasonic Jet System" that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles.  

Hydrotherapy reduces muscle tension and relieves pains, rehabilitates injured muscles, boosts the immune system, and encourages detoxification, among others.

How can I resist the hot herbal pool after lounging at the dry sauna for 10 minutes?  The smell, the temperature of the hot herbal pool is truly relaxing.

2.  ACE Internation Buffet

Have a taste of the world on your plate!  Treat yourself in the buffet selection of the finest cuisines of Ace International Buffet and indulge in unlimited drinks coupled with salad bar, pasta, grill, carving stations and more.

Don't leave the restaurant without trying their shabu-shabu and maki. Shabu-Shabu sharap!

Open daily from Monday to Sunday
     serving Lunch from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm
     serving Dinner from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

For inquiries and reservations, please call +632.2.4628224 or +63.9175499196

3.  Party! Party! Family KTV

Love videoke?  Then sing your heart out and enjoy the night with family and friends at Party! Party! Family KTV.  As a matter of fact, I celebrated my 41st here together with my HS Barkada and it was really fun reminiscing our high school life through songs.

Party! Party! Family KTV offers the following packages :

     2,500 net for maximum of 10 pax

  • inclusive of 3 hours use of Standard room
  • five (5) orders of any of the following drinks : iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, hot tea, brewed coffee, bottled water, softdrinks, San Mig light, Pale pilsen
  • one (1) set of any of the following choices :  (a)  Chicken lollipop, spiral fries, onion rings; (b) salt and pepper calamari, spring roll trio, tortilla wrap
      4,800 net for maximum of 20 pax

  • inclusive of 3 hours use of Superb room
  • ten (10) orders of any of the following drinks : iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, hot tea, brewed coffee, bottled water, softdrinks, San Mig light, Pale pilsen
  • one (1) set of any of the following choices :  (a)  Pepperoni pizza, fish and chips, burger poppers; (b) quattro pizza , yaki sausage, salt and pepper calamari
      6,000 net for maximum of 25 pax

  • inclusive of 3 hours use of Superb room
  • ten (10) orders of any of the following drinks : iced tea, lemonade, orange juice, hot tea, brewed coffee, bottled water, softdrinks, San Mig light, Pale pilsen
  • one (1) set of any of the following choices :  (a)  Pepperoni pizza, fish and chips, burger poppers, four season maki rolls; (b) quattro pizza, yaki sausage, salt and pepper calamari, four season maki rolls

Located at the 6th floor of D' Ace  Plaza 
Monday to Thursday -  5:00 pm to 1:00 am
Friday and Saturday - 5:00 pm to 2:00 am
Sunday - 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm

4.  Sky High Bar

Imagine this.  A 360-degree  view of the Metro as you sip a glass of your favorite cocktail. Visit the Sky High Bar to get a different kind of high atop the Ace Hotel and Suites as you munch on yummy chow, entrees, and appetizers while sipping a delightful concoction.

Penthouse, 21st floor, Ace Hotel and Suites
Sunday to Thursday - 5:00 pm - 1:00 am
Friday and Saturday - 5:00 pm - 2:00 am

5.  Accommodation

Indulge in style and comfort at any of their well-appointed rooms, whether it be business on weekdays, leisure on weekends, milestones worth celebrating or bond with your family especially on a long weekend.


So next time you feel like you need to take a break, head on to Ace Hotel and Suites for that perfect staycation.

United St. corner Brixton St.
Pasig City, Metro Manila 1603
Email :



Ang Huling El Bimbo : Pagbabalik Tanaw sa Nakaraan

"Gusto mo ba?......Gusto mo ba?...... Gusto mo bang......sumama?"

Pagkatapos manuod ng Huling El Bimbo, umuwi akong nag-iisip.  

Iniisip ko nung mga panahong nasa kolehiyo ako.  Kamusta na kaya ang mga kaklase ko?  Kamusta na din kaya yung palagi naming tinatambayan tuwing lunch time? Nagbebenta pa din kaya sila ng estopado?  Isa ito sa mga paboritio naming ulam nuon.  Kamusta na din yung computer shop na lagi din naming tinatambayan nuon? Dami kong naubos na pera kaka-rent duon.

Kamusta na kaya yung mga manliligaw ko?  Kamusta na din pala ang mga crush ko nuon?  Tumaba na din kaya sila?  

At isa isa kong binalikan ang mga ala-ala.

Ang mag joy ride sa Antipolo at mga inuman sa Tia Marias sa Greenhills kahit walang pera.  Memorable eto kasi first time kong malasing.  I was only 16 years old.  My gash, bawal pero nakainum padin ako at nalasing.  Buti walang nangyari, hindi katulad ni ..........<spoiler alert>

Kamusta na ang Club Dred?  Kamusta na din ang mga paborito kong banda katulad ng Introvoys. Naalala ko, may nagawa pa akong tula para sa kanila. Minsan isang panahong nag-concert sila sa university, isa ako sa mga organizers kaya hanggang ngayon naalala ko ang mga pag-papatawa ni Paco Arespacochaga sa back stage.

Bigla ko ding naalala yung kaklase kong nagintroduce sakin sa musika ng Eraser Heads. Tinanong ko sya bakit ganyan ang lyrics, may pagmumura pa?

Kamusta na din pag-rarally namin sa harapan ng Pop-eye.  Ano nga ba ang ipinaglalaban ko nuon?  Karapatang pang-tao?  Pagbaba ng tuition fee?  Ano nga ba?

Kamusta naman din ang mga sandamakmak na org na sinalihan ko?  May mga sikat na ba sa kanila?  May mangilan ngilan napapanuod ko sa entablado.  Meron ding sikat na napanuod ko minsan sa Ms. Saigon.  Meron ding may mga sumikat na na album.  Masaya ako para sa kanila.

Minsan sa may Theresa, tayo'y nagkatagpuan
May mga sariling gimik at kanya-kanyang hangad sa buhay
Sa ilalim ng iisang bubong
Mga sekretong ibinubulong
Kahit na anong mangyari
Kahit na saan ka man patungo

Maraming masasaya, malulungkot, mga struggles na pangyayari.  Ngunit sabi nga sa kasabihan "Our past makes us who we are in the present and based on the decisions we made and are going to  make in the future, will decide our fate..."

Masarap din minsang balikan ang mga nakalipas na alaala.  Maraming Salamat sa aking mga tunay na kaibigan!


Malamang isa din eto sa naging epekto sa inyo pagkatapos nyong manuod ng Huling El Bimbo! o di kaya'y magiging epekto sa inyo para sa mga hindi pa nakakapanuod.

Pwede pang humabol hanggang September 2 nalang.

Source :  Resorts World Manila's website
Ang Huling El Bimbo is a story of friendship told through the songs of the most iconic Pinoy rock band from the 90's.  It is an original story that should resonate with people who understand how the powerful bond between friends shapes our lives. It will also be a nostalgic journey, driven by songs that have become part of the collective Pinoy psyche.

Written by prolific playwright Dingdong Novenario, the musical will feature a stellar production team headed by one of today's most respected stage directors, Dexter Santos.


Some of our Photos during the Gala Night
with Ely Buendia of Eraser Heads
with the main cast
Mark G., Boo Gabunada, JLo, Tanya Manalang, Bibo Reyes, Reb Atadero

JLo and Mark with the El Bimbox



The Glittering Calinawan Cave

There are a lot of points of interest in Tanay, Rizal that can easily satisfy your hunger for adventure.  Daranak Falls, Tinapak River, Masungi Georeserve, Batlag Falls, Nagpatong Rock Formation, to name a few.  But because of its proximity to the Metro, we sometimes overlooked that the town of Tanay offers a lot of attractions that will meet our standards when it comes to delighting our adventurous soul.

Aside from numerous waterfalls, rivers, rock formations and all those wonders of nature, Tanay is also the home of Calinawan Cave.

It was one summer in 2018 when we visited Calinawan Cave.  The heat of scorching sun did not stop us from including this in our itinerary for our Annual Team Building Activity.  It was really challenging organizing this trip knowing that I have kids, senior citizens and pregnant in the group.  So the question is, “Kaya ba nila?” or “Pwede ba sila?”.  How’s the difficulty level?  These were the questions that are popping in my head as I enter the deep, dark, yet glittering Calinawan Cave.


The history of Calinawan Cave dates back during the World War 2 as this was said to have been used by the Guerrilla warriors as hideout against their enemy, the Japanese. Here became clear the aspirations and hopes of our ancestors and here dawned to them the realization to fight for freedom against the oppression of the foreign conqueror, hence the name “Kalinawan”. Nowadays, Calinawan Cave is famous for being a filming spot for both local and international movies.

Source : 


As a disclosure,  I am writing this blog from the point of view of someone who's been to Sumaguing Cave in Sagada and had been to several caves already.

For first timers, I guess this is your chance to experience caving without having to fear if you can do it or not.  Calinawan Cave is a dry cave during summer but during the rainy season, ibang usapan na yun.

During the exploration, the guide informed us to refrain from touching any rock formation inside the cave. They said that the acid produced by our body may leave damage to the structure.   And we really do not want that to happen, because it takes a hundred years or more for a  dramatic stalactite and stalagmites to grow and build such gorgeous formation.

Inside, you will see a lot of magnificent formation that naturally glitters.  And for you to be able to see all of these,  you will do a lot of crawling, bending, squatting and at the same time, you will hear a lot from your concerned friends shouting "Ulo! Ulo!" 

It was easy for me naks!  

I can still recall that moment when the guide asked all of us to turn off our flashlights.  It was my first time to experience total darkness.  So eto pala yung zero visibility, as in zero, "waley", "nada" akong makita.   The absence of light made me nervous a bit.  "Nakakatakot din pala, ganito palang maging bulag."

Appreciating all these beauties makes me think, ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas.  And what else to do?  

Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam na ang kasunod.  It's time to change my DP! yey! 


Baranggay Tandang Kutyo, Tanay, Rizal

Entrace Fees - 20 pesos per pax
Guide Fee - 200 pesos (per 10 pax)