The Glittering Calinawan Cave

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There are a lot of points of interest in Tanay, Rizal that can easily satisfy your hunger for adventure.  Daranak Falls, Tinapak River, Masungi Georeserve, Batlag Falls, Nagpatong Rock Formation, to name a few.  But because of its proximity to the Metro, we sometimes overlooked that the town of Tanay offers a lot of attractions that will meet our standards when it comes to delighting our adventurous soul.

Aside from numerous waterfalls, rivers, rock formations and all those wonders of nature, Tanay is also the home of Calinawan Cave.

It was one summer in 2018 when we visited Calinawan Cave.  The heat of scorching sun did not stop us from including this in our itinerary for our Annual Team Building Activity.  It was really challenging organizing this trip knowing that I have kids, senior citizens and pregnant in the group.  So the question is, “Kaya ba nila?” or “Pwede ba sila?”.  How’s the difficulty level?  These were the questions that are popping in my head as I enter the deep, dark, yet glittering Calinawan Cave.


The history of Calinawan Cave dates back during the World War 2 as this was said to have been used by the Guerrilla warriors as hideout against their enemy, the Japanese. Here became clear the aspirations and hopes of our ancestors and here dawned to them the realization to fight for freedom against the oppression of the foreign conqueror, hence the name “Kalinawan”. Nowadays, Calinawan Cave is famous for being a filming spot for both local and international movies.

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As a disclosure,  I am writing this blog from the point of view of someone who's been to Sumaguing Cave in Sagada and had been to several caves already.

For first timers, I guess this is your chance to experience caving without having to fear if you can do it or not.  Calinawan Cave is a dry cave during summer but during the rainy season, ibang usapan na yun.

During the exploration, the guide informed us to refrain from touching any rock formation inside the cave. They said that the acid produced by our body may leave damage to the structure.   And we really do not want that to happen, because it takes a hundred years or more for a  dramatic stalactite and stalagmites to grow and build such gorgeous formation.

Inside, you will see a lot of magnificent formation that naturally glitters.  And for you to be able to see all of these,  you will do a lot of crawling, bending, squatting and at the same time, you will hear a lot from your concerned friends shouting "Ulo! Ulo!" 

It was easy for me naks!  

I can still recall that moment when the guide asked all of us to turn off our flashlights.  It was my first time to experience total darkness.  So eto pala yung zero visibility, as in zero, "waley", "nada" akong makita.   The absence of light made me nervous a bit.  "Nakakatakot din pala, ganito palang maging bulag."

Appreciating all these beauties makes me think, ang ganda talaga ng Pilipinas.  And what else to do?  

Sa mga nakakakilala sa akin, alam na ang kasunod.  It's time to change my DP! yey! 


Baranggay Tandang Kutyo, Tanay, Rizal

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