Seeking Hiroshima : 8 Things To Do / Places to Visit in Hiroshima, Japan

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If you have a day to spend in Hiroshima, chances are you will have difficulty in deciding where to go to first. One day is not enough to enjoy what Hiroshima has to offer, but let me help you with my Top 8 things to do / places to visit in Hiroshima.

1. Ride a JR Ferry to Miyajima Island
Are you a JR Pass holder? Then you can get to Miyajima island by riding the JR Ferry for free.  Miyajima island is one of the top three spots in Japan and if you are visiting Hiroshima for the first time, make sure to check on this island.

2. Try Hiroshima Oysters
Hiroshima is famous  for Oysters and Miyajima is a great place for oyster lovers.  How can you not resist a big, succulent, sweet Hiroshima oysters? 

3. Take a selfie at O-Torii Gate
Spend a picture-perfect morning in Miyajima island and have a photo with the sacred O-Torri Gate on the background.

4. Say hello to the friendly local deer
Deer and human in Miyajima live together side by side, and they are really really friendly and kawaii.

5. Shop for souvenirs and Foods at Miyajima Traditional Craft Center 
A kilometer walk street offering different kinds of foods from fishcakes to oysters for your discriminate taste and also offers souvenirs for your eyes to feast on.

6. Understand the effects of Nuclear bomb at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, visitors can learn about the bombing of Hiroshima and the city's restoration from the countless number of artifacts that were left in its wake.

7. Learn history at the World Heritage Site, The Atomic Bomb
Approximately 160m from the Hypocenter, the hall took severe damage from the bomb and resulting fires that swept the city.

8. Pay tribute to the victims of war at the Hiroshima National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims
An underground hall dedicated to the victims of the A-bomb, visitors can see a collection of memoirs and views of the city from the hypocenter. A panorama of tile representing the total number of victims the first year after the bomb dropped can be seen.