Atag Ng Pakil Para sa Laguna De Bay : A Multi-Sectoral Pakil River Tributary Clean Up Kicks-Of on April 14

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The Manila Bay's restoration, although in its initial stage, and the Boracay rehabilitation is definitely a great success.  The project inspires eco-volunteers, government agencies, LGUs, NGOs to do the same for their own cities and provinces. 

This time, let's talk about Laguna de Bay.

Laguna de Bay is the largest lake in the Philippines and third largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia.  It is located between the provinces of Laguna to the south and Rizal to the North.  The lake is blessed with rich natural resources and plays an important source for fishing and for irrigation.

Save Laguna de Bay

Pollution, Squatting, and industries are major factors that accelerate the death of Laguna de Bay.   Informal settlers and the illegal structures of businesses can be found all over Laguna de Bay which contributes to the pollution from untreated sewage and industrial waste.

As a concerned citizen, what can we do to help?

Atag Ng Pakil Para sa Laguna de Bay : 
A Multi-Sectoral Pakil River Tributary Clean-Up
Maiden Launch of Zero Debris Philippines
Estaca (Pondohan), Pakil Laguna
April 14, 2019
Zero Debris Philippines, in cooperation with Zero Debris Pakil Chapter, will launch its first clean-up project in Estaca (Pondohan), Pakil, Laguna on 14 April 2019.

The program aims to bring eco-volunteers together toward a common goal of safeguarding our water sources and saving Laguna de Bay.

For people who feel the spirit of volunteerism, this is a good chance to save the bay. Get involved and join us in protecting our water resource ecosystem.

For inquiries, please message Zero Debris Pakil Chapter President, Mr. Rudel San Gaspar.


I. Processional & Entrance of Colors
II. Entrance of Participants
III. Invocation
IV. National Anthem
V. The Singing of Pakil Tourism Song
VI. Guest Speaker
VIII. Reading of the Core Values
IX. Oath of Allegiance
X. Speech by the Mayor
XI. Zero Debris Philippines Go Signal
XIII. Presentations 
XIV. Recognition of Partners
XV. Awarding of Certificates
XVI. Closing Remarks

Zero Debris Philippines Pakil Chapter, Mr. Rudel San Gaspar
during the interview with DZJB 1456 Radyo Calabarzon
Photo Credit : Roderick Palatino
About Zero Debris Philippines

Zero Debris Philippines is a Non-Stock and Non-Profit Organization involved in the development and management of viable and sustainable social micro-farm enterprise business model designed to strengthen and form the rural communities as agricultural backbones in support of agricultural diplomacy.



  2. Eloquent and with grace - Thank you JLo -I am a ulrich Floresca the man behind the ZERODEBRIS movement Here in the USA