Vlogging For The First Time : 10 Things I learned So Far

8:16 am JLofied 0 Comments

Is blogging a dying industry? I hope not. It is now the era of vlogging and video marketing, and so I am joining the bandwagon.
My very first time Vlogging using this phone camera set-up. Also, my first time to use Filmora as editing apps.
What have I learned so far?

1. Use a custom intro
2. Use lower thirds
3. Use full screen graphics
4. Use transition
5. End with screen background
6. Use storyboard
7. Practice to achieve that confidence in front of the camera
8. Prepare your script
9. For video branding and marketing, use logo and repeat
10. Call to Action

I will try my best to do better next time. Does it mean more travel vlogs? I hope so.

Thank you Youtube University! I have learned a lot in just 2 hours.